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Arm Wrestling - Exercises To Increase Forearms & Grip Strength

arm wrestlingA long lost bar art! Arm wrestling has always been popular with young, old, male, female and in general. I remember as a kid always asking for arm wrestles with my dad and uncles. Of course I never won but it was amazing training and helped to strengthen the joints in my arms. By my teens I was able to arm wrestle any girl and most guys in my age range. Now there’s a confidence builder! Of course many of the bar bouts were fixed based on bets but even then many people although suspect of the duplicity still enjoyed watching.

Making a quiet renewal among those with fetishes toward muscular and strong women, these voyeurs are requesting to see more arm wrestling females. Worshipers of the biceps absolutely love watching two gals try to wrestle the others arm to the table. One of the most popular requests is for biceps driven sites featuring buff gals arm wresting showing their bulging biceps.

Usually this sport is done on a table but can also be done on the belly laying on the ground. I do not arm wrestle near as much since I got into women’s fitness and figure contests and have noticed some of my joints loosened from the gymnastics. I began thinking ‘what if I wanted to arm wrestle again, for fun, sometimes’, I would need to practice yes but what can I do in the gym to make the process easier and dominate my opponent – who will most likely be my unwitting other half whom happens to be a classic strong mesomorph. He looks at weights and buffs up. A laborer for most his life, he is an excellent challenge as I will most likely never beat him but what if I could?? So the goal is set and challenge is on – wait until he finds out!

Adding forearm and wrist exercises would have to be a must and enhanced to be done more often than my normal conditioning. Rotational strength will also have to be considered for both the elbow and wrist joint. Time rather than reps is the tolerance I need to train so I would hold reps for amounts of time during my workout including bicep curls.

I would apply barbells, dumbbells and bands. You can also rig up a weight plate with rope attached to a bar and practice winding up the rope bringing up the weight by over and under hand rotation of the bar. This is a very old school exercise.

Forearm Curls, wrist curls done in both directions, pronation and supination of the wrist with both bands and dumbbells will definitely be included. I would also add some boxing for isometric spurts of repetitive wrist strengthening.

Squeeze balls and hand grippers will be a great addition to complete and balance the strengthening helping round out your arm wrestling expertise.

Next time you want to challenge someone to an arm wrestle you can prepare ahead with some of these ideas and surprise your opponent with your strength.

By Linda Cusmano






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