EZ Bar Preacher Curls - Biceps Exercise Guide with Photos

The EZ bar preacher curl does not take it easy on your biceps. This variation puts all the stress on the bicep and eliminates any swaying or jerking you might have from a ground based movement. When you lift this unique bar, it’s all biceps and nothing else. Many lifters use this exercise to develop the peak in their biceps. This exercise has application to lifters of all experience levels. Here’s some more information on this useful exercise.

Muscles Targeted: The EZ bar preacher curl is an exercise that is used strictly for isolation. This is not a compound exercise that works many muscle groups across multiple joints. This exercise strictly targets your biceps and your forearms. You can increase the stress on your forearms by grabbing the inner bar palms down in a reverse EZ bar preacher curl.

ez bar preacher curls exercise guide photos

Exercise Instructions: Using a regular preacher bench, grab an EZ Curl bar with both hands with an underhand grip. Slowly curl the bar upward as if trying to touch your chin with the bar. Slowly return to the start position allowing some resistance (i.e., negative) on the way back down. Repeat the movement until failure.

Why This Exercise is Important: Using the EZ bar for your curls can help put your wrists in a more natural position than the straight bar. Anyone who has had any issues with forearm pain from straight bar curls can usually transition to the EZ bar right away and start curling pain free. Using the EZ bar on the preacher bench forces you to use correct form when curling. This movement puts all of the stress on your biceps and does not allow for swinging or jerking the weight up. EZ bar preacher curls are great to do with a reverse grip to target the forearms.

Things To Avoid: It is very hard to use bad or improper form on preacher curls, even more so when you involve an EZ bar in the equation. Here are a few things to watch out for. Make sure you don't overextend your elbows when at the bottom portion of the lift. Don't lift the bar too fast as this can put too much strain on the elbow joints. Don't let your wrists bend backward when using the EZ bar. Use a weight that is manageable and don't go too heavy. Smoothly lift the weight and don't allow any part of your upper arm to come off the bench or jerk your shoulders up.

Reps and Sets: EZ bar preacher curls are a very stable exercise and can be used with several repetition and set ranges. If you're looking to strengthen your biceps use sets of 3-5 and repetitions from 4-6. If you're looking to add size on to your upper arm then go with sets of 2-4 and reps of 6-10.

Other Exercises To Use: The EZ preacher curls are best used in conjunction with other exercises to use heavier weight on. Try throwing in two arm dumbbell curls to mix it up. Or you can always rotate out the standard barbell curls; this will give you extra mileage for your forearms if you have any pain when you do them. Another excellent addition is the use of cable curls. These give your arms the flexibility to move in a movement that is natural and comfortable for them. View our extensive database of exercise guides for a comprehensive list of exercises that target the biceps.

For maximum development of your biceps try to include EZ bar preacher curls into your routine. This will eliminate any swinging of the weights and allow you to focus fully on bicep development. Just remember that this is an isolation exercise and designed for you to fully concentrate on the movement, not sling heavy weights around.





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