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Booty Workouts - Exercises To Build a Rock Hard Butt

Booty WorkoutsCan we take the title literally? Many of us are actually the opposite. Soft, mushy marshmallow butts seeking to be firmed and toned is a popular site today and I can help you work toward this goal with a few simple exercises performed twice per week.

Along with this Butt Hardening workout plan, you will want to add cardio to the bill. I would suggest the stair master at level 8 for 20 minutes non stop on manual, trying not to lean on the rails and taking long deep strides to really hit that lower cheek!! Add the cardio in for 2-5 times per week depending on how much work you have to go to get to a leaner harder gluteus. Of course diet will help your goals come along a lot faster by eating a well balance meal / snack every 2-3 hours including protein.

For a warm up you will do 20 degree squats. This one breaks all the squat form rules because you start in full squat, ass to your heels, knees fully bent and way over the toes.

2 sets of 12 and you will be done. Starting as mentioned, you will lift to where the quads are parallel to the ground and hold for 5 seconds then repeat.

Stretch your quad and glutes then on to the next exercise. Using a body ball you will do 2 sets of 15 single leg squats with the ball against a wall, you against the ball. Watch the knees here, do not let them flail out or in or go over the toes, make sure you are stepped out far enough to get a nice box shape bend at the knee.

For the third drill you will bridge yourself on the body ball with head and shoulders on the ball only, hips high with weight across them, drop your glutes till it grazes the ball and then lift to thrust the hip back up into a bridge. Repeat this for 3 sets of 20 and watch the lower back by ensuring you engage the transverse abs during this movement. Pull your belly button into your lower back to engage.

Last one is done with ankle weights facing down on a mat. Bend one leg, flex the foot so that it is parallel to the ceiling and then lift the thigh off the mat as if you are to put a foot print on the ceiling. This is a small movement and done pulse style for 50 reps on each leg. Perform 2-3 sets of this doing each leg individually. Increase the ankle weight as you get stronger and better. Keep both hips firmly on the mat. The exercise is easy but you will notice when you will need to add weight as you will feel the ease increase.

Stretch the legs including the hamstrings and glutes, holding these stretches for 15 seconds minimum and up to 30 seconds. Do not force the stretch but hold for a comfortable pain free stretch.

For those who are advanced, you can do this program up to 3 times per week with your other workouts that cover the other body parts. Try it for a month and see the results.

By Linda Cusmano





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