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Lying Butt Bridge - Butt Exercise Guide


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Muscles Targeted: The lying butt bridge targets the muscles in the gluteus and also works muscles in the lower back, hamstrings and along the spine. This is also a great exercise for stretching out the hip flexors and abdominals which can become tight from sitting for long periods of time.

Exercise Advice: Begin by lying down on a mat or comfortable area on the floor. Place your hands at your sides, preferably palms up. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground at about shoulder width. Press your heels into the ground and squeeze your butt as you lift up your hips. At the same time, slightly arch your back so your chest slightly reaches towards your chin. Come all the way up until your spine and hips form a straight line or even slightly higher. Hold for a few seconds while squeezing your gluteus and breathing naturally. Lower yourself back down to the floor and repeat.

Things To Avoid: Pay attention to the way your knees track as your hips move. Do your best to avoid letting them move inwards or outwards. Also try to avoid pushing your whole body backwards as if you're trying to slide your upper back along the floor. Do your best to push your hips strait up and down. Pay attention to the feelings along your spine and lower back. This move should not hurt or cause cramping, but some folks may have a tendency to hyperextend their spine.

Reps and Sets: The lying butt bridge is a wonderful high rep exercise. Rep ranges in the 15-30 range work well for between 2-4 sets. This is also a great isometric exercise where you hold the bridge position for a period of time. 20-40 seconds is a good range to use.

Other Exercises To Use: The lying butt bridge is a great way to warm up for deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, back extensions and squats.

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