Calories Per Day Calculator – How Many Calories Do You Need?


Have you ever wanted to know how many calories you need to eat per day in order lose, maintain or even gain weight? It’s absolutely critical to understand that calories in and calories out equate to success when you’re on a fitness program. Nutrition is so important that some personal trainers say it makes up to 75% of your overall results! So many people are confused when it comes to figuring out how many calories they need and this is the main reason we created this calorie per day calculator. It’s so important to have a baseline understanding of your current calorie level before starting a diet and exercise plan, so use the calculator below to get an understanding of your calorie needs.

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Activity Levels:

  • Sedentary = (little or no exercise, desk job)
  • Lightly Active = (light exercise or sports 1-3 days/wk)
  • Moderately Active = (moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days/wk)
  • Very Active = (hard exercise or sports 6-7 days/wk)
  • Extremely Active = (hard daily exercise or sports & physical labor job or 2 X day training, football camp, etc.)

To Lose Weight
To take off one pound per week, you’ll need to reduce calories by 500 per day (1 pound of body fat equals about 3,500 calories). Try eating 250 calories less per day and exercising enough to burn 250 calories, like walking about 2.5 miles each day. The easiest way to cut back on calories is to watch your portion sizes.

To Gain Weight
Try eating about 500 calories more per day and limit your cardio activity. Focus on basic compound strength training exercises like barbell squat, bench press and barbell rows to add lean muscle mass to your physique. Make sure to eat enough protein (at least 1 gram per pound of body weight) and get plenty of rest to recover and grow after your workouts.


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  1. uday sankar ghosh on

    I am 43 years old . My height is 5 feet 5 inch and weight is 71 kgs. Every day I am burning 250 calories by walking. Is this sufficient?

    • shapefit

      Uday – Walking is a good cardio exercise but you will want to focus more on your diet for long term results. Remember, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet so if you’re eating too many calories each day, it doesn’t matter how much walking you’re doing since you will not be able to burn it all off. So, focus more of your attention on the foods you’re eating. Combining cardio with a clean diet is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

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