Caffeine In Energy Drinks - How Much Caffeine Is In Your Energy Drink?

caffeine energy drinksHave you ever wondered how much caffeine is packed in that energy drink you chug down every day? Have you ever felt jittery, panicky or just plain weird after pounding down your favorite drink and wonder what is wrong? Well, you might be surprised to learn just how high the caffeine levels are in many of the most popular energy drinks on the market today. For a comparison, here is a short list of the caffeine content in various types of normal drinks consumed:

  • Instant coffee (heaped teaspoon) 50-60 mg of caffeine
  • Filtered coffee (medium - 125 ml) 60-100 mg of caffeine
  • Espresso (small - 80 ml) 70-80 mg of caffeine
  • Tea (medium - 125 ml) 30-60 mg of caffeine
  • Coke (can - 330 ml) 40-45 mg of caffeine

Now, check out the list below and find your favorite energy drink and see how it compares. You might be surprised just how much caffeine you're consuming on a daily basis. Take a look at the list of energy drinks below and find out!

357 Super Magnum2250125.0
5 Hour Energy213869.0
6 Hour Power2.0312561.6
925 Energy Shot212060.0
A&W Cream Soda12292.4
Adina Natural Highs Coffee Energy Drink810012.5
Adrenalyn Shot8.520023.5
Adrenalyn Stack1820011.1
Afri Cola12897.4
Ale 8 112373.1
All City NRG1630018.8
Amazon Energy Drink1212010.0
Amp Lightning Charge1616010.0
Amp Overdrive161428.9
Amp Sugar Free1616010.0
Arizona Caution Energy Drink1620012.5
AriZona Extreme Energy Shot8.310012.0
AriZona Green Tea Energy1620012.5
Atomic Dogg1620012.5
Bally Blast8.300.0
Barq's Red Creme Soda1200.0
Barq's Root Beer12231.9
Bawls Cherry161006.2
Bawls Exxtra161509.4
Bawls Geek Beer161006.2
Bazza High Energy Tea16.91508.9
Beaver Buzz8.311013.3
Big Red12342.8
Blood Energy Potion3.48023.5
Blow (Energy Drink Mix)824030.0
Blue Sky Energy000.0
Bomba Energy8.4758.9
Boo-Koo Energy2436015.0
Booty Sweat Energy Drink8.4809.5
Brain TonIQ8.400.0
Bull Tonik 816020.0
Caribou Coffee Latte1218015.0
CHARGE! Super Shot2200100.0
Cherry Coke12342.8
Chocolate Milk850.6
Clearly Canadian daily ENERGY20804.0
Coca-Cola Blak8465.8
Coca-Cola C212342.8
Coca-Cola caffeine free800.0
Coca-Cola Classic12352.9
Coca-Cola Zero12352.9
Cocaine Energy Drink8.428033.3
Coffee (Brewed)810813.4
Coffee (Decaf, Brewed)860.7
Coffee (Decaf, Instant)830.3
Coffee (Drip)814518.1
Coffee (Espresso)1.57751.3
Coffee (Instant)8577.1
Cougar Energy Double Shot2.515060.0
Crunk Sugar Free1620012.5
Crystal Light Energy161207.5
Crystal Light Iced Tea8111.4
Diet A&W Cream Soda12221.8
Diet Cheerwine12484.0
Diet Cherry Coca-Cola12342.8
Diet Coke12453.8
Diet Coke with Lemon12453.8
Diet Coke with Lime12453.8
Diet Coke with Splenda12342.8
Diet Dr Pepper12413.4
Diet Mello Yello12514.2
Diet Mountain Dew12554.6
Diet Mr. Pibb12403.3
Diet Pepsi12363.0
Diet Pepsi Max12695.8
Diet RC Cola12473.9
Diet Ruby Red Squirt12393.2
Diet Sunkist Orange Soda12423.5
Diet Turbo Tea18905.0
Diet Vanilla Coke12453.8
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi12363.0
Dopamine Energy Drink8.412014.3
Dr Pepper12413.4
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee161438.9
Einstein Bros Coffee1620612.9
Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot2220110.0
Faygo Cola12423.5
Faygo Moon Mist12201.6
Fixx Extreme0.174002352.9
Fritz Kola11.16837.5
FRS Antioxidant Health Drink11383.5
Fuel Cell218090.0
Full Throttle161449.0
Full Throttle Coffee + Energy151288.5
Game Juice16.9382.2
Go Fast11.912010.1
Go Girl1215012.5
Guayaki Empower Mint161408.8
Guayaki Energy Shots214070.0
Guayaki Lemon Elation161509.4
Guayaki Pure Yerba Mate Drinks161408.8
Guru Energy Drink8.312515.1
H2O Blast161006.2
Hansen's Energy Pro8.3576.9
Heath Energy Potion216080.0
Hiball Energy10757.5
Hot Cocoa850.6
Howling Monkey1616010.0
Hydrive X161459.1
Inko's White Tea Energy15.518411.9
Java Chai812015.0
Java Monster1516010.7
Jolt Endurance Shot2200100.0
Jolt Energy23.528011.9
Jones Energy161006.2
Kaboom Infinite Energy89511.9
Kombucha Tea8243.0
Lipton Brisk lemon12100.8
Lipton Iced Teas20502.5
Mana Energy Potion1.35160118.5
McDonald's Large Coffee161459.1
McDonald's Small Coffee121099.1
Mello Yello12534.4
Monster Assault1616010.0
Monster Hitman Sniper324080.0
Monster Import18.61849.9
Monster Mixxd Energy Drink1616010.0
Monster Nitrous1216013.3
Morning Spark16.917010.1
Morning Thunder Tea8405.0
Mountain Dew12554.6
Mountain Dew Baja Blast8364.5
Mountain Dew Code Red12544.5
Mountain Dew Game Fuel201206.0
Naked Juice Energy Smoothie15.2825.4
Nestea Iced Tea16342.1
Nestea Peach Green Tea20422.1
Nestea Sweetened Lemon Iced Tea20281.4
Nitric Force222009.1
No Fear Bloodshot1617410.9
NOS Powershot212562.5
O Infused Water - Energize16644.0
OnGo Energy Shot217788.5
Oregon Chai (Concentrate)4338.1
Pacific Chai121008.3
Pepsi Caffeine Free1200.0
Pepsi One12554.6
Pibb Xtra12413.4
Pibb Zero12413.4
Pimp Juice8.3819.8
Player Aid Energy Shot212060.0
Power Edge88010.0
Power Horse8.45809.5
RC Cola12453.8
RC Cola, Cherry12433.6
Red Bull8.46809.5
Red Bull Energy Shot2.038039.4
Red Devil1616010.0
Red Fin Energy Shot2200100.0
Red Rock Cola12262.2
Redline Power Rush2.5350140.0
Redline Princess825031.2
Redline RTD825031.2
Rip It Energy Fuel810012.5
Ripped Force1820011.1
Ritz Cola12100.9
Rockstar Citrus Punched1624015.0
Rockstar Energy Shot2.520080.0
Rockstar Juiced1616010.0
Rockstar Punched Guava2233015.0
Rockstar Roasted1624015.0
Rockstar Zero Carb1624015.0
RootJack Caffeinated Pirate Root Beer1212010.0
Ruby Red Squirt12393.2
Rubyy Blood Orange Energy 12806.7
Rumba Energy Juice1617010.6
Rush! Energy8.3506.0
Shasta Cola12433.6
Shock Coffee Triple Latte823128.9
Silk Soylatte8556.9
Slam Energy Drink210753.5
Slim-Fast Cappuccino Delight Shake12403.3
Snapple Elements181086.0
Snapple Tea16422.6
SoBe Adrenaline Rush8.3799.5
SoBe Energy Citrus20804.0
SoBe Essential Energy16966.0
SoBe Green Tea20351.8
SoBe No Fear1617410.9
SoBe No Fear Gold1617410.9
Speed Stack1825013.9
SPIKE Shooter8.430035.7
Spike Shotgun1635021.9
Starbucks Bottled Frappucino9.5909.5
Starbucks Double Shot6.513020.0
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee151469.7
Starbucks Grande Caffe Americano1622514.1
Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte161509.4
Starbucks Grande Caffe Mocha1617510.9
Starbucks Grande Cappuccino161509.4
Starbucks Grande Coffee1633020.6
Starbucks Grande Decaf Coffee16130.8
Starbucks Grande Iced Espresso Drinks161509.4
Starbucks Short Coffee818022.5
Starbucks Tall Caffe Americano1215012.5
Starbucks Tall Caffe Latte12756.2
Starbucks Tall Caffe Mocha12957.9
Starbucks Tall Cappuccino12756.2
Starbucks Tall Coffee1226021.7
Starbucks Tall Decaf Coffee12100.8
Starbucks Tall Iced Espresso Drinks12756.2
Stok Black Coffee Shots0.444090.9
Sun Drop12635.2
Sunkist Orange Soda12413.4
T-Fusion Energy Tea161006.2
TaB Energy10.5959.0
Tazo Chai8475.9
Tea (Brewed)8475.9
Tea (Brewed, Imported)8607.5
Tea (Green)8253.1
Tea (Iced)8475.9
Tea (Instant)8263.2
Tea (white)8151.9
Tim Hortons Large Coffee2020010.0
Tim Hortons Large English Toffee201125.6
Tim Hortons Small Coffee1010010.0
Tim Hortons Small French Vanilla10565.6
Tonic Water11.900.0
Trim Water20502.5
Tropicana Twister Soda2000.0
Vanilla Coke12342.8
Venom Black Mamba1616010.0
Venom Death Adder1616010.0
Venom Mojave Rattler1616010.0
Vital Lifestyle Water - Energize20603.0
Vitamin Energy161509.4
VitaminWater Energy Citrus20422.1
Vuka Functional Drinks1616010.0
Whey Up161509.4
Who's Your Daddy1620012.5
Whoop Ass8.45505.9
Wild Cherry Pepsi12383.2
Wired X 30001618811.8
Wired X3441634421.5
Worldwide Extreme Thermo Rush2020010.0
Xyience Xenergy1620012.5
Yoo-Hoo Chocolate800.0
ZipFizz Energy Drink Mix161006.2
Zipfizz Liquid Shot412030.0
ZizZazz Explosive Energy1620012.5






Drink Ounces Caffeine (mg) mg/oz

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