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Digestive Enzymes - Safely Digest Nutrient Dense Foods

Stomach irregularity is usually a product of poor diet or sensitivities within the intestines such as mild food allergies or irritated bowl. Some of us have a hard time with internal gas build up and find cabbage, broccoli and other deep green veggies a problem to digest. I always encourage that a proper diet include deep dark fibrous and leafy greens but not everyone can tolerate them. Raw is the best way to consume them yet that seems to be when irritation can be at its worst. Some individuals are so sensitive they cannot even consume these foods cooked. Then there are those with acid issues unable to consume citrus or sour foods which happen to be digestive aids.

Dairy (usually lactose intolerance) can also be a huge hindrance. Legumes can lead to gas issue and pain during digestion. For all these problems you can find items such as beano, acidopholis, bifidus, probiotics, and digestive enzymes at your local nutrition store but many people do not realize these items can be found in our grocery store as well.

A higher number of dairy products now come for those who are lactose intolerant. Yogurts and milks have choices enriched with acidopholis and bifidus or active cultures to aid in smoothing out the pain of digestion and aid in buffering.

For beans you may want to try out the sprouted alternative. Sprouted beans are their highest in enzymes during that phase and a host of other nutrients are also enhanced.

Papaya, pineapple and bananas have excellent digestive enzymes which can aid in your dining experience so that you do not have to spend nights in pain or avoid foods you like.
Raw foods seem to have the highest quality of digestive enzymes so do eat the ones you can tolerate, raw as often as possible.

Fiber is great by try to get most of it from foods versus starches such as cereals. Grains are encouraged but as the smaller amount compared to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Many of the items listed in the Metabolism Boosters article I wrote, also fall into the list of digestive helper foods.

Apple cider vinegar has been known to be used in salads, foods or taken orally by the spoonful. I heard an old wives tale of a remedy for arthritis by taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey daily of course I have no idea if this is true although the individuals I heard this from firmly believed it! It is one of the more pleasant types of vinegar believed to have several healing powers.

The onion family can aid in digestion but it's a toss up since it is also one which can be an irritant to some people. If you are not onion tolerant you may be okay with chives, they are related but easier on the system for those of you who are sensitive.

Root vegetables are filled with minerals which can help you digest the meal it is eaten with. Potatoes and yams are great but carrots, radishes, turnips and rutabaga also make up the root veggie family and fare for lighter starch choices.

Chewing your food well and making sure to properly hydrate after the meal is helpful. Some people like to chew on some fennel or anises seeds post meal. Other more controversial ethnic traditions consist of certain liquors post meal to help digest, some examples being Cinzano, Oozo, fruit liquors, and Moonshine.

By Linda Cusmano





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