Back Exercise Guides – Photos and Instructions of Exercises


Your back is characterized by three smaller muscles: latissimus dorsi, rhomboids (upper/middle back), and erector spinae (lower back). These three muscles, along with smaller supporting muscles deep beneath the skin’s surface, play a huge role in almost everything you do, from swinging a golf club to sitting at the dinner table.

Latisimus Dorsi
Run along the sides of your back and are most commonly called lats. Your lats help you extend, rotate, and pull your arms to your body (adduction), important in pulling activities such as rock climbing and rowing.

(Major and Minor): Compact muscles located a few inches down from the neck, between the spine and shoulder blades, referred to as the upper/middle back. The rhomboids’ primary function is to retract, elevate and rotate the shoulder blades, which also helps you accomplish pulling activities such as starting a lawn mower or serving a tennis ball.

Erector Spinae
Runs along the lower part of the spine, hereafter referred to as the lower back. Your lower back supports your upper body, extending your spine and flexing it to either side, a part of almost every activity imaginable.

Middle and Upper Back Exercises:

Lower Back Exercises:


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