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exercise journalsOur exercise journals are designed to help you keep a detailed record of your workouts so you can track your progress and make every workout really count! Exercise journals are extremely important in gaining muscular strength and size because they pinpoint every aspect of your training routine. By keeping a detailed exercise journal, you will learn if you're getting stronger with each specific exercise or if you're plateauing. You will see how your current rep ranges and set ranges effect your progress. By reviewing your exercise journal, you will see patterns of how your strength is effected from each workout and make the necessary changes to maximize your progress.

Along with recording your exercises, your exercise journal should also contain thoughts and feeling before and after your workouts. Were you tired before going into the gym? Did you run out of energy half way through your workout? Did your muscles get a good pump or did they feel flat when training? How about after your workout? Were you frustrated with your training session? Did you feel energized or completely exhausted when you finished? These are extremely important aspects to document when keeping your exercise journal and the wealth of information gained from these records will provide you with the knowledge to keep succeeding!

Access our FREE exercise journals and start tracking your workouts now! You may also be interested in our FREE Diet Journals for tracking your diet!

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