Should I Do Cardio Slow or Fast For Best Results?

I just got back to the gym and use the elliptical trainer (love it) about 1 hour per day and losing about 1 pound of fat per week. I find that going slower with higher resistance burns up to 250 more calories per hour than going faster with less resistance, (heart rate is the same for both). It seems logical that the higher calorie burn method would yield faster weight loss results. Which of these methods (slow & heavy vs. fast & light) is truly better for overall weight loss and heart health?


That is a great cardio question. The simple fact is that the more calories you burn per session, the more body weight you will lose. So, by going slower with higher resistance, this will be the ideal way to drop weight since your burning 250 more calories per hour. In terms of the benefits to the heart, both types of training should offer similar advantages since the heart rate level is the same. It might also be great to incorporate both styles of training into your cardio routine and even think about adding high intensity interval training (HIIT) to your regime also.

High Intensity Interval Training supercharges your metabolism and burns major amounts of calories. With a H.I.I.T routine, you will basically work in intervals of intensity through your workout. For example, if you're on the stationary bike, you will warm up for 2 minutes at about a 50% exertion rate. Then, for the next full minute you will go all out as fast as you can at about a 90%-95% exertion rate. Then, cool down for 30 seconds at about 50%-60% and do it all over again. Do this for the next 16 minutes and then finally cool down for the last 2 minutes at 50% exertion. Trust me, you will be absolutely burnt out at the end and will be screaming to get off the bike. This is a good thing :)

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