Leg Toning Exercises – Workouts To Tighten and Tone Up Legs


I love helping women work on thigh thinner exercises. This is an article I have written in many varieties. This type of training takes patience and diet adjustments along with the hard work of training those legs! Higher rep activity tends to help tone and lean but if you have higher amounts of body fat to lose you will not see the same drastic results until you shed some of that extra body fat by doing some cardio work 3-5 times per week for 30+ mins at a moderate pace. Watching your diet with fatty foods and making sure to not skip meals is another thing to keep in mind. This program is a great one to alternate with the Glute program I have written recently.

leg-toning-exercisesBarbell Lunges is your first exercise to be done with a generous amount of weight so that 10 reps gets you a tad winded. This is one exercise which will be done with lower reps, 3-4 sets of 15. Don’t forget to do this PER LEG. Watch to ensure the back foot stays properly inline and your hips are not flaring outwards. Also make sure your lead leg knee does not wobble in. Take your time until you can do them fluidly.

One Leg Hack Squats are a very intense exercise so need to watch your form for safety and effectiveness. The mid of your knee should line up with the outside of your foot. Try not to let your hips get into too much momentum, just lighten the weight. 3×25 per leg with very light weight is your goal here. Pull your belly button into your lower back during this exercise.

Cable Inner Thighs Pulls help to tighten that flabby inner thigh area which most women complain about. 4 sets of 25 per leg at a moderate weight is your target. Keep the movements slow and controlled without too much momentum from your hips. Pull your belly button into your lower back as I always preach and you are set.

Your last exercise is also an anaerobic activity which helps with fat burning. I save this for last because it will make your legs feel like noodles yet firm them up. You want to focus on form, then speed, then height. The bonus here is you also get to firm up your tush with this exercise. Start off with 10, rest for 30 seconds and then do 20. Rest for a minute and do 20 more. Now stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes. For week 3 and 4 on this program I would add one more set of 10.

Try this out 1-2 times per week for a month as your leg workout to supplement your training or use this 3 times per week to focus on leg tightening results to be slightly more drastic.


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