Sexy Workout Routines – Intimate Exercises with a Partner


Here is an opportunity to enjoy a great sexy workout with your partner!

Pucker pushups are fun when done with your partner underneath you. Each down phase of the push up brings you to kiss your partner, each rep will encourage you to pull off a few more reps and impress your other half with such strength. For the ladies who are saying they cannot do pushups do them against a wall, with your partner as part of the wall!! No cheating though, get those reps in first then you can kiss longer later, peck only for now.

Partner pullups are great for the middle back. In a bent row position and your partner lying underneath, you straddle them at the waist and perform bent rows as you pull your partner up. Ask them to keep their elbows close to the body and they too get a bicep joint isometric workout from this. The ladies who are not able to pull up the full body would ask the partner to help by lifting slightly and bending at the waist to make it easier for both parties yet the bottom person is getting in some ab work in the meantime!

Inverted leg press is a little more interesting yet daring. Here you have your partner lay on your feet as you are in the inverted leg press position. Lying on your back, knees into your chest and feet flat, your partner will lay over your feet and the degree of intensity varies by them either lifting their body or just going lighter on their bodyweight with feet still planted. Bring your knees into the chest and push out, holding the hands of your partner.

Stretching can also be fun when done in partners and much more effective if done right. The good old row boat stretch with the legs open and feet touching while you are both holding hands is classic. You keep back straight while you pull and are gently pulled into a stretch, each person holding for 10 seconds minimum.

Chest pull stretches are excellent and help with rounded shoulder syndrome. All your partner has to do is hold both your arms behind your back by pulling them back slowly with your palms out and arms straight and once you are able to get close or touch hands have your partner hold that as you slightly lower your body by bending your knees, changing slightly the angle of the stretch and enhancing it.

The cross back stretch is great for the full torso and outer thigh. Have your partner lay on their back, with arms out to side and palms down. Help them bring a knee up and over to the other side while helping them keep the opposing shoulder down. Do the same for the other side then have your partner help you with the same stretch. Again you will want to hold this for no less than 10 seconds per side.


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