Tight Butt in 30 Days – Booty Exercises for Rock Hard Glutes


Has it ever occurred to you to take a month off from your sports routine only to train your glutes more than ever? Many ladies want either to lose fat or to put muscle on in this area. Still, when it comes to the right combination between diet and training, which should be permanently balanced, most of them are not sure of what the right ‘recipe’ is to obtain the most appropriate body shape. Regardless of what you aim for, there are a few workout tips and exercises to follow in order to get the booty that you want.

The most important thing to know is that making the rear end tighter and more in shape cannot be accomplished without a combo consisting in appropriate cardio movements, a low carbs eating plan and shaping exercises for this particular area. At the same time, even if you focus more on your glutes, you shouldn’t forget about the other body parts for this month; also, for this program, it is highly recommended that you maintain a balanced training routine. Therefore, always keep in mind that each of your body parts matters equally, so you need to stay in shape. If you don’t want to change your schedule to achieve your goal of having the perfect booty, below you have a series of exercises you can do only once per week and they will turn out to be extremely effective.

The first step is using the treadmill to warm up with an exercise known as the Treadmill Shuffles.

For this exercise, you have to make sure that you have good-quality shoes which are tied safely and ensure that your knees are bent while performing the movements. Also, your hips shouldn’t start turning in the direction of the treadmill belt, so you should pay attention to this aspect as well. When you begin, you will notice that the thighs, as well as the glutes, will be put to work immediately. As these muscles are the most involved for this exercise, the result will be a great, fat burning activity with increased heart rate and a stimulation just where we want to improve the body. You should perform this set of movements on each body side for 1 minute or 2 each, while alternating them evenly. The Treadmill Shuffles should last no longer than 20 minutes with a mph of 2.

This workout could be successfully performed at the track or even in your backyard, so you don’t have to feel limited when it comes to your location. However, the glutes is more stimulated by the belt at the track.

After you finish this warm up, you can stretch for a few minutes. Once your break is finished, you will continue by performing the workout called Walking Lunges. If you are a beginner, it would be best not to use any weight, such as dumbbells, because the workout itself can be tiring enough. Also, if you feel the need of stopping due to the effort, you should do it right away and use the time to stretch. However, when you feel relieved, you must go on with this exercise for as long as possible. In time, you’ll be able to perform these 100 walking lunges without stopping at all. When you reach this stage, it is also safe to start using dumbbells as well.

The next exercise that you will do are the hip thrusts and you should perform 100 of these on a weekly basis. As you can see in the image below, you need to place your feet on a step while holding a weight at the level of your hip bones. This way, your only concern is to prevent the weight from sliding downward. Start by laying down and lift your booty up from there without dropping the weight on your body. In essence, this movement shouldn’t have more than 2 inches-height lifts. While you’ll probably get tired from this exercise, it will definitely be worth it! Also, it’s very important to keep the speed of each movement constant.


Finally, the last workout set I recommend you to try out once per week is called the Butt Blaster. This time, you should do a set of 100 movements as they are shown in the picture below. Start out by laying down on a bench with your feet in the air and your knees split up like a frog while grabbing the margins of the bench with both hands. Lift your feet up in the air as high as you can, then lower them until you reach the initial position and repeat. As with the other exercises, you should keep going until you remain unable to move anymore. If you need a few breaks in the first weeks you should take them, but, at the same time, try to keep going without taking time to breathe or stretch.



When I perform this workout, I prefer to use weights, but you should be very careful when it comes to the formation of the legs. This is extremely important and it should be maintained throughout the exercises. Moreover, if you have a large mirror, you should place yourself right in front of it during the workout. The key to this workout is to lift your feet so high, that, above your head, you will be able to see your toes while looking straight in the mirror.

The final tip for this weekly butt workout to be effective is to make sure your booty gets a good 5 minute stretch. This way, the muscles will get ready for the effort that will follow and you will gather more energy for your exercises. Also, it’s highly recommended that you maintain a balanced diet every day consume much water after each session. This is very useful because water helps the body in the process of elimination of lactic acid from your system. As long as you follow these steps on a daily basis, you will definitely end up having the physical results you desire.


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