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Have you become bored and tired of your same old workout routine? Has your progress stalled and hit a plateau? Well, it’s time to kick your fitness program up a couple notches and bring some new excitement to your exercise regimen. Below are some great ideas for you to implement so your workout routine stays fresh and new!

Get Some Fresh Air
Make a trip outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. If you are like most people, you work inside all day long and are probably bored with the daily repetition. Take your workouts outside and try some jogging, biking or walking. If you are a regular outside exerciser, then find some new routes or parks to visit to keep it fun.

Move with a Buddy
If you want to get information about the different types of workouts your friends enjoy doing, then workout with them for a couple of weeks. Training with a friend is a great way to learn new exercises and routines and you can teach a friend something new as well. Walking next to someone on the treadmill while you’re doing cardio is more fun than watching the clock tick away. Plus, when you have a friend meeting you for a workout, you will be less likely to cancel!

Update Your Tunes
Do you already listen to music while you’re working out? If so, that’s a good thing, but it may be time to select new a new playlist with different tunes to get pumped up to. Playing high intensity musics, like rock or techno, near the end of your cardio routine can really help keep you going and help you boost through difficult plateaus. If you don’t workout to music then it’s time to start! You may find that it’s so much easier to get through a hard and long workout when you have your favorite tunes blasting away. Music is so motivating, so take advantage of it!

Try a New Class
This includes the boys too! Check out the class schedule at your gym and show up for their next kickboxing or hip-hop class. There is so much more to choose from now versus the basic aerobics classes that most people are used to. In fact, establishments such as Crunch gym have Disco Yoga, Cardio Striptease, African Dance, Fitness and Defense, House Groove, Cycle Cross, Masala Bhangra, Step & Strength, and Tabata Classes. For relaxation, enjoy CandleLight Stretch, BOSU Progressive Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga. Your hour will fly by and you will leave the gym feeling far more exhilarated when compared to your regular routine which you may have been doing for weeks or even years! Take advantage of what your gym is already offering with your normal membership package.

Get Sporty
Remember in high school when you were on a sports team and had a blast with your teammates? There are so many local team sports you can join like softball, soccer, volleyball and even obstacle course races like the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash.

Charity Walks
Help others while also getting fit! Sign up for a charitable event such as a run or walk to raise money for a cause close to your heart. You’ll be energized by the contribution you’re making and can bond with others who care as much as you do.

Try Gymnastics
Have you ever noticed the incredible physiques that gymnasts have? Well, it might be time to learn to do a handstand or a back flip! You can work on gymnastics either on your own or with a certified expert. Check your area for gymnastics gyms in your area and start at your current skill and fitness level.

Yoga or Pilates
Your body will become strengthened and toned, and your posture will improve by implementing either of these two workouts into your routine. They will help you to de-stress your body while working on strengthening and toning your entire body especially the muscles of your core. Clarity and a sense of well-being are also positive benefits of these exercise programs.

Pole Dancing
I personally lost over 20 pounds from pole dancing! Pole dancing is becoming common place as fitness enthusiasts rave about the muscle toning and confidence building benefits of this type of training. Included in pole dancing classes are sensual dance and floor moves. These are great for improving your coordination, abdominal, back and core strength along with your flexibility.

Martial Arts Classes
Have you ever seen an overweight person hitting the heavy bag or jumping rope? Well, if you have then they won’t be overweight for long since this type of training is very intense. You can pick from a variety of classes since there are literally dozens of choices such as jiu jitsu, judo, karate, kung-fu, kendo, and many others.

Dance Your Heart Out
Hip-hop, Salsa, Break Dancing, Belly Dancing, Ballroom, or even Exotic Dancing are just a few of the exciting dance routines you can try out. Who would think that dancing could be a great workout, but it really is! Spend an hour moving your body and you may find that you have a healthy addiction to a super fun and effective workout!

This combines dancing with martial arts. This African-Brazilian form of martial art and folk dance is a lot of fun since it is done in a group setting where the focus is on cardio, coordination of different body parts and stability.

Adrenaline Junkies
It’s time to enjoy the natural high you get from skiing, snowboarding, parasailing, jet skiing, hang gliding, and surfing. What other activities do you enjoy that pushes the limits of your comfort zone? Try something new each year and live for the moment!

Water Bunny
Enjoy a drop-in swim or join any of the other water sports at your local swimming pool. Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises you can do!

It’s Time To Landscape
Save some money and cancel the local company that cuts your grass, blows your leaves and maintains your yard. Do it yourself instead so you can pocket the cash and get a great workout. Not only is it good physical exercise, you can breathe some fresh air and learn about gardening!

Do you need a break from all of the excitement in your day? Many people have taken every cardio class under the sun and they may benefit greatly from taking a relaxation course. This can really help improve your joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Obstacle Course Races
This new fitness trend is not only fun and social but it is a killer calorie burning workout! From popular races like the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder to local races, you should be able to find one to participate in each month!

This means “both sides up”. This training uses a Bosu balance trainer, which you can buy at many online shopping websites or your local sporting goods store. The goal here is to adjust to an unstable surface. Try the Bosu in a group and have some fun doing it!


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