preventing 1/3 of all cancer article

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preventing 1/3 of all cancer article

Postby musculArgirl2 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:20 pm ... tudy-finds

This is alink to shape magazine. It says a study find that 1/3 of all cancers are avoidable.

Says the biggest factors are tobacco, healthy diet, alcohol consupmtion and a maintaining a normal weight. 1/3 is quite a bit.

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Re: preventing 1/3 of all cancer article

Postby Boss Man » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:10 pm

Yes, the talk recently has been about the reduction of cancer in a quite significant amount, through the moderation of peoples lifestyles.

The extent to which moderation could be beneficial in a global sense, I think has only recently been properly assessed, but the realisation that moderation should be observed by everyone, is something that has become increasingly more obvious with time and increased understanding of health risks, that could be deemed as precursors to cancerous outcomes.

More people should be mindful of their responsibility to themselves and the taxation both financially and in a humanitarian sense, to their respective healthcare systems and be mindful of what those taxations might be, in the result of prolonged failure to manage their lifestyles to a good level of heathfulness.

Too many people needlessly burden the resources of their healthcare systems, by being physically negligent and ignorant of sound advice and deliberately ignoring what might happen when they fail themselves.

More infomation of the type that has been espoused recently, should hopefully give some people more impetus to be more health conscious, so as to try and reduce health risk to themselves, taxation finacially and in a humanitarian context, to the healthcare system in their country, but more importantly, the distress to themselves and those around them, from serious health complications.

Any information like this is good on a global scale :).

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