Fitness goals and a full-time job

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Fitness goals and a full-time job

Postby skully » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:25 pm

What are your experiences about those?

How do you manage?

I am talking about a 9 a.m.-6 p.m. desk job. How do you get the chance to maintain your exercise routines, and goals. I really want to build muscles, but I am scared with my soon-to-come full-time job I may not be able to even pull off 3 days exercise from plain exhaustion.

I'll be working for three months in the summer, a full-time hours job, and I start in 2-3 weeks and I want to have things figured out. What do I need to eat and when...and how manage to add "real" exercise into my day, other than "stretch every now and then, or take the stairs...sort of thing." I want to put a real workout in.

I do go to a fitness first gym, which really have stupid policies, and if I'd like to go to another FF I can't unless I "upgrade" or pay extra, which I cant even afford to pay the amount on my own now. So that means I have to drive more from my work place to the gym, so time more time is consumed. As in 45-1 hour, give or take.

When should I exercise?

Right after work, or come home, and then go workout?


Does working out even works anymore?

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Re: Fitness goals and a full-time job

Postby Boss Man » Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:40 pm

You find the time to do it basically.

Two options.

One, before work as some like to do it, depending on when a Gym opens in relation their work times.

Two, after work, usually straight after then home for a meal, or home for a meal, then off to the Gym some time later.

If you go before going home, then try to eat if possible about an hour before work ends, so you can have something fairly robust, and then you'll be able to still use the nutrition to help you train.

You just have to space meals out so you have a timespan between Breakfast and lunch, thne a break period about half way between the two. Same with Lunch and Dinner, a break period between the two, or if you eat then about an hour later, go to the Gym after work, you can then have that meal as the midway meal betwen lunch and dinner.

Hopefully that all makes sense.

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Re: Fitness goals and a full-time job

Postby abhilazy » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:53 am

same problem here please help me dear

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Re: Fitness goals and a full-time job

Postby skully » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:27 am

abhilazy wrote:same problem here please help me dear

What I eventually did (doing now) is simply workout after work. Luckily and not so luckily now, my gym is 10 minutes away from my work place, so that made my life a lot easier - but now we're moving 20 minutes away...and 40 minutes to the gym so that's going to the be really awful. But I astill going to sick it up and go to the gym after work nonetheless...even if it will take me an extra 20 mins to reach...

For me as long as I am done by 8:00 from my workout...I am good.

I hope you can figure it out....

I do space my meals every 2-3hours...and only rarely when work rules my life I don't get the chance to eat all my meals....

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Re: Fitness goals and a full-time job

Postby skully » Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:16 am

Lucky you! that sounds great. My job is very unorganized...there is no real working hours or whatevr...not even real lunch break. Sometimes i am unclear if I am allowed to leave the office at all for one hour. On paper I work from 10-6. Some days I would need to be somewhere by 9...i mean i am a journalist and we work 24/7 anyway, right? I mean Ive been in the office for 3 hours doing I did all I could do for the day. I a munaware if it's okay if I leave right now or not. I often leave earlier than 6 point of hanging around on my ass doing nothing, right?

I seem to have energy after work...I workut at 6-7:30 is good enough for me...I CANNOT wake up at 7 am to exercise then head to work...even thou my situation is it's going to be a whole a lot terms of spacing/ it's gonna suck..but I am going o leave work early at 5:30..WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. If i am done...i am done, right?

I do the same..we have a mini frigde...i usually bring dry stuff and keep it at the desk as well, and only sometimes bring things like yogurt and keep it in the fridge and sometimes lunch.

people arent as understanding here..I cannot say much anyway cuz i am an 3-months long intern only..cant lay out any rules..but always eat whenever i want....

i am feeling down about the workplace moving 40 mins away from gym..*sigh* and with the traffic...even worse...but im gonna suck it up - what can i do its only for a month and a hald...even tho things will get even worse after that with Ramadan...cuz i cant exercise during day time...with fasting and all...and only cn exercise between 8-10 p.m....oh toughness......omg..i am going so off topic in my head...i am even thinking about when uni starts...which ill be going to uni on Mons and Weds with classes from 9-6 pm..and Ill have 3 off days luckily...ut I do intend to WORK in those days..I am oping to find a nice flexible 3 day - 6 hour job...LOL..dreaming too much maybe...but I think its possible if look hard enough...then i can exercise 5x a week except Mon and Weds.

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