Adios weight loss tablets?

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Adios weight loss tablets?

Post by gymcelia2016 » Thu May 05, 2016 2:14 am

Has anyone tried using Adios tablets in aiding their slimming.

Noticed them in a sale ... ucts-deals and they are fairly cheap but do they work. It says they are herbal based so I presume they are safe?

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Re: Adios weight loss tablets?

Post by Boss Man » Fri May 06, 2016 6:35 pm

Safe but ultimately useless.

They just falsify weight loss, because nobody ever uses these kinds of things in isolation. To test out id they work someone would need to keep being inactive eat slovenly and take the pills, I mean after all if you need pills for an eye infection for example you don't alter your diet or exercise habits, therefore when the problem goes away, you know the pills worked, because of the isolated nature of the consumption.

Fat loss pills are almost never used in isolation, they accompany diet and / or exercise changes, making their effects impossible to ascertain, because aside from actually isolating their effects, you'd need to lose some weight, put it back on deliberately, then go back to the exact same diet and exercise regime and then not take the pills, to again isolate the effects, but in reality who would experiment on themselves like that?

They are a con designed to play on peoples vulnerabilities and often they are tested in stupid ways, i.e. the XLS medical testing procedures listed on their site, assuming they haven't removed them.

I'd save your money, because something like Adios is not worth the money and even the advertisements are pathetic. Oh she's lost weight, must be the Adios effect. Really who says you, the company and why would any objective and rational person believe that assertion, when it's being peddled by the manufacturers? Whereas I could say, must have been the new lifestyle changes she used and also none of the advertisements feature men, but then I was unaware fat burning products are sometimes gender specific.

Like I say, save your money, you'll be better off :).

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