"2 days rest"

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"2 days rest"

Postby backcountrysage » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:54 am

I'm new to the forums here but have a question about what I've been reading so far. I've seen a lot of comments about getting a full "2 day rest" from working out. While I "work out" a lot, very little of it is in a gym or specifically about strength training. I do a lot of bouldering (rock climbing), horseback riding, trail running, dance classes, hiking, and tend to find myself in a solid sweat just about every day...does this kind of working out still require a full 2-days off? I usually work physical labor jobs and I always felt like a 6 day week at 15 hours a day of hard labor was a "workout", but managed it with minimal time off to no time off. Was this unhealthy?

Is there a difference between strength or weight training in a gym that requires these full 2 days versus an activity such as riding? I try to ride 6-7 days a week in addition to the above workout, but certainly don't want to be damaging my body...advice?

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