great website for conditioning

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great website for conditioning

Postby eddyc » Mon May 24, 2010 9:22 am

Hi, i am knew to these forums and just thought i would share with you the conditioning circuit i have been following for the past 3 weeks, Its really helped the fat drop off my body and the muscle is beginning to show now.


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Re: great website for conditioning

Postby Boss Man » Mon May 24, 2010 6:27 pm

Who runs that site, you or someone else, because it's got some ropey grammer and spelling in places. The font size in places is a little large and in some places the text and background may provide issues to the reader.

1. Wide arm pressups
2. Burpees
3. close arm pressups
4. Squats
5. Shadow Boxing
6. Jumping Squats
7. Tricep Dips
8. Lunges
9. Bicep curls (Use a chair if you have no weights) ( or do pullups if able to)
10. Tuck Jumps

That workout blows as well. Exercises in the wrong order, exercises that don't need to be there. 5 times a week is overkill.

When it comes to eating fruit you need to make sure you arent eating fruits that contain the same vitamins,

Of course most people looking to lose weight, know what Vitamins are in which Fruits :shock: .

How to get ripped and stay fit in 8 weeks?? You'd stand more chance consuming multi-vits, Lettuce, 8 glasses of water and about 4-5 Carnitine supps a day.

Though of course I don't see why I should elucidate on my observations further, other than you or someone else unfortunately, (sincerely not being rude), have wasted time and potentially money running a site based on mostly poor quality, fairly hopeless adivce. The diet advice is pretty good, but not through enough.

P.S. remember folks, don't eat sweers and eat a Banna or two :P :P :P.

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