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Postby kristofit » Sun May 22, 2016 10:39 am


My name is Kristo
I´m from Estonia originally, but living for over 6 years now in Espoo, Finland.
I´m 36
BF ~11%
Chest 120cm
Shoulders 137cm
Arms 45cm
Forearm 33.5cm
Waist 83cm
Thighs 60cm

I have been training for years on and off, but since 2015 constantly and more intensively and following a training and a meal plan, since last september.

I have my own youtube channel, which i update regularly, you can follow it from the given link, it´s one of my latest arm workouts, just click on my channel name from there, to see all videos.

And i also have my own facebook page at

If you like my doings, like my page, it will be updated on a daily bases :)

I dont know yet how to post my pics here, if someone can give me a hand, would be more than welcome :)

All the best to everyone :)

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