Leg Press and running

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Leg Press and running

Post by Ragnarxxx »

Hey Everyone!

Right now i'm lifting 3 times a week at the gym doing a full body workout, and running 2-3 times a week on the off days. In the past two months i've been able to increase my total load for all exercises with no change in my running except until recently. I'm concerned that while i'm trying to get stronger/fitter by weight lifting, if I don't do some sort of cardio i'll just pack on alot of extra weight. I also don't want to ignore my legs since they're such a large muscle group and are useful for overall fat loss.

Leg press has advanced from 3X10 at 270 to 3X8 at 360
At the start of my weight lifting program I was running 3 miles a session, 4-5 days a week at around a 9 min per mile pace. Now I'm clocking in at around 2.5 miles 2-3 times a week at around 10:30-11 min per mile. Since i've started lifting i've moved from 185 pounds to 195 pounds.

So the questions I have:
1. What sort of cardio should I do since my legs are being worked fairly hard 3 days a week.
2. I know 10 pounds in 2 months is likely only 2-3 pounds of muscle tacked onto my frame, and the rest being fat. I'm afraid if I stop running i'll just pack on more fat. Anyone have any input on this?
3. My sister has an exercise bike in the apartment. I was thinking of biking 30 minutes in the morning everyday to burn off some extra calories on something not as intense as running.
4. One of my oldest friends has told me to go through a bulking phase of no cardio, and then a cutting phase of no lifting and only cardio. This seems counter intuitive to me. Does anyone have any experience with that.

Thanks guy!
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Re: Leg Press and running

Post by PuroRock327 »

Wow... do you ever take a break and just enjoy yourself? You're wearing me out just reading your routine...
1. To me, I don't know what other cardio you need to do... seems like you run plenty.
2. If you're worried about packing on fat, then watch your diet. Consume less fat and maintain the workout.
What's your calorie intake like?
I don't see how with so much activity you are going to gain any kind of weight, muscle mass or fat.
3. That's an interesting question... but I would think it depends on the type of bike.
Is it just a flat program with no resistance or rpm adjustment?
4. I would agree with you... no lifting and cardio would probably reduce the muscle mass... but that may be what you want.
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