Home workouts -free weights only - no machines

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Home workouts -free weights only - no machines

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Hello to all -

I am training clients in their home. They have free weights and a flat bench. I like the routines that I have seen on this site so far, but are there routines for home training with free weights available?

Thanks, Sherri
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Re: Home workouts -free weights only - no machines

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You certainly look like a very good rolemodel for what you're doing. Congrats to you. 51 and you look truly wonderful :).

Yes you could do something for clients. I'd suggest a simple TBT.

Dumbell Squats

Dumbell Lunges

Dumbell Deadlifts

Dumbell Benchpress

Bent Over Dumbell Rows

Shoulder Presses

Hammer Curls

No need for Tricep stuff as you've already got quite a bit going on with the Press exercises. Some Bicep stuff with the Rows, so no need for much with the Hammers.

Dumbell Calf Raises


That should get you started. Reps and sets you can decide yourself.

Does that sound like something to work with?
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