Frustrated with deltoid workout

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Frustrated with deltoid workout

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I have been doing lateral raises, front raises and bent over lateral raises for deltoids on my shoulder workout day.
First of all, I have progressed in every muscle group that I am working, be it chest or biceps or triceps or forearms (by progress I mean being able to lift heavier weights). For deltoids, its still the same. I am still doing 4 sets (10 reps each) with the lightest dumbbell and by the end of the fourth set, my deltoids start burning. Is there an issue with the deltoids or do I need to do something else for deltoids?
Another issue I face is the imbalance. For example, when I do lateral raises or front raises, my left arm gets burned out faster than the right. So, somewhere in the middle of the fourth set, it becomes really hard for me to lift my left arm but I am able to do it on my right. Problem is after the exercise, I can feel my right deltoids are burnt, but I dont feel anything on the left. I thought I was doing the wrong form but I checked up on youtube how to do it and turns out I am doing the correct form. Is the imbalance normal? How can I correct it?
I am facing the same imbalance when I do exercises for chest, biceps etc using dumbbells.
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Re: Frustrated with deltoid workout

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I'd not over do it on the rear Delt raises. you're just doing fronts and two types of rear raises.

Technique may be an issue and progress may be stimied if you're not increasing the weight.

I'd suggest canning the Rear Delt raises and just sticking to normal Shoulder raises, plus the Fronts and Bent Over Rears.

You may be overtraining the Delts as well, doing 4 sets of 10 per Delt, so switch down to 3 sets and see if that helps. Delts are stabilisers, so overtraining them could affect things like Chest and Back work, but when training any body part always use the same Leg and Hand position on both sides and the same technique, rep numbers and speed per side, so the opposing Limbs work evenly and equally, with no discrepancies, because you could cause imbalances if one Leg or Arm, is moved in a slightly different way all the time, or with fewer / more rep and a differing speed or cadence.

A common failure to apply such practices, is Cable Crossovers, where someone moves one Arm infront or below the other, instead of meeting hands in the middle, thus creating a situation where one Arm is not using the same range or plane of motion throught the set. I see it so often it's not true.

Same thing applies for the reverse technique used for Back. I've seen the irregular Arm positioning then as well
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