Confusion over stretching

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Confusion over stretching

Post by cyrax_101 »

I am kinda confused about when I should stretch. Usually everytime I go to the gym, I start with light cardio for about 3-4 minutes and then do some stretching before I start with weights. After 30 mins of strength training, I switch to moderate intensity cardio for about 20-30 minutes.
Am I doing stretching at the right time? I have heard different opinions and I wanted to know what will be the best thing to do ?
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by Boss Man »

3 options.

1. Stretch before.

2. Stretch after

3. Both.

I don't feel there's much to gain, stretching in any way between sets, or after every exercise. You might sometimes feel the need to shake down the odd limb here and there, but I don't think there's a massive amount to gain, stretching after sets or exercises and it just uses a little more time up.
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by PandorasVise »

I always do a warm-up before stretching and then I will stretch for flexability after a workout
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by musculargirl »

what's the secret to being able to do the splits?
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by jounderw »

Stretching is SOOOO important! Everyone is different, but I personally like to stretch before and after a workout as I can tell almost immediately if I didn't and my muscles are SO SORE the next day when I forget to. (Which hasn't happened in years). Anyway, I do not think that you can stretch enough if you ask me.
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by BillyG »

Bosss hit it dead on..

do a light warm up, stretch the muscles a bit, the hit the weights

once your are done the exerersise Stretch the living shit out of that muscle,

and continue.
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by PandorasVise »

musculargirl wrote:what's the secret to being able to do the splits? I was in karate for a little while in my twenties and i got pretty flexible but I wasn't so flexible that i could do the splits all the way. I was always cuirous about that?
I am not doing splits yet, almost but I think it is stretching the already warm body that help my flexability. Also do yoga, i love yoga
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by Sammel85 »

I'm a bit split between two views on this one.
This information is what I received while doing a Physical Education course and my recent Fitness certificate (cert III)
The mays are because there is no conclusive evidence for or against in the research I was provided.

1. Stretch after your warm up and again after exercise
- May reduce risk of injury
- Will increase flexibility by stretching when warm
- May reduce DOMS

2. Never stretch before weight training
- Stretching may relax the muscles and cause them not to work as hard
- May increase risk of injury

Personally, I tried stretching after my warmup and again after weight training for about 4 months, then only after weight training for about 6 months and I found my flexibility and strength had a greater increase by not stretching after a warmup.
When doing karate though, after a warmup, I would do dynamic stretching and after the training session, static or PNF (passive) stretching.

But it's each to their own. If you feel the need to stretch twice, do it. Once, then do that.
Just never stretch cold muscles.
But probably do a heavier stretching session after the workout.
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by PuroRock327 »

I believe it depends on what kind of stretching you are referring to. In my studies, there's two forms: static and dynamic.
I've read that static (or long-held stretches) are believed to weaken strength if done before exercises.
I've also read that dynamic (or light stretches) are far more beneficial. Hold a pose for no longer than 30 seconds max.

There was an interseting article on another forum that I can't find. But if you look up Wikipedia, you will find some decent explanations:****/Static_stretching" onclick=";return false;****/Dynamic_stretching" onclick=";return false;

Me, personally, I rarely stretch before a workout... except on days I train my calves (but that's a personal preference because my calves will cramp up if I don't).
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Re: Confusion over stretching

Post by Lateralis17 »

Warm up for like 5 mins. get a light sweat going then stretch after your muscles are warm because they will be able to stretch more and there is less chance of pulling a muscle during stretching. In yoga they call the point that you can't stretch any farther "Finding your edge". So find your edge and hold it for about 15 seconds. If you want to increase flexibilty hold it 30-60 seconds before and after your workout.
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