Body Weight Exercise Questions

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Body Weight Exercise Questions

Post by gamboolman »

I am new to the Forum and have been reading the Forums and need some help and advice.

I am a 51 year old male. I had Neck Fusion surgery in 2009 and have recovered. Recovery has been slow.

What I have been doing is more like a warm up routine - I have worked up to the following:
I normally do 100 pushups and I do 6 Pull Ups (palms facing away) and I do 6 to 8 chin ups (palms facing) in. I just do one set of each.
I do this 5 to 6 days per week pretty regular and some weeks I make it 7 days in a row.

At this low intensity - of using only my body weight - is it OK to do this everyday or most days of the week?

I would like to increase the number of Pull Up's and Chin Up's that I can do.

Thanks for any help and advice.
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Re: Body Weight Exercise Questions

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You should be okay to do the bodyweight stuff 3x a week. You wouldn't need any more than that.

Just do it every other day.
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Re: Body Weight Exercise Questions

Post by Arvel75 »

In my view the amount of push up and chins can be increased by increasing little bit in number say 2 per day but taking with respect to your age i think that's enough because you have go through the surgery too.You muscles are softening.
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