Exercises to build up outer Glutes

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Exercises to build up outer Glutes

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I'm looking for some exercises to help build up muscle in the outer glutes specifically. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Exercises to build up outer Glutes

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Squats, Deadlifts should have some effect, Lunges, Good mornings may also work too.

Plus there is one you can do I think called Glute Raises.

1. You use something like a Crossover or Pressdown machine.

2. Use an ankle attachment with a clip to attach the weight ot your ankle.

3. Use the unattached foot to stand on a weight disk.

4. Keep the attached Leg straight and raise up as far as possible, trying not to bend the Knee then being it back down. Standing on the disc with the other Leg, keeps the weighted Leg raised off the ground when in a relaxed position, so it can't touch the floor too easily, maintaining tension.

5. Repeat for reps then swap Legs.
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