how do i fix a muscle imbalance on my chest

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how do i fix a muscle imbalance on my chest

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i have functional scoliosis which means my spine is slightly bent, my doctor said it wasn't serious and until next year i'll get the brace, but for now all i have to do is alot of stretching, sitting straight & back exercises i asked if i could do weight lifting and he said yes but not when i get the brace.
one of my biggest problem is a muscle imbalance, which is a side effect to scoliosis
how do i fix this, my right side (im a right hander) has more muscles and shaped out, my left doesnt have that much muscle and isnt quite shaped out, its somewhat noticeable in real life, my left chest kinda jiggles when i walk, but not the right, how do i fix this
i dont know how many degrees my spine is bent
i also have a limp when i walk cuz of scoliosis
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Re: how do i fix a muscle imbalance on my chest

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The reality is, the problem may not be able to be fixed until you get the brace and can overcome the Scoliosis if possible.

The doctor says you can weight lift now but not with the brace, so any results could be lost completely.

Did the Doctor ever tell you the reasons behind why the Scoliosis may have occured. Scoliosis usually can create a 10 degree lateral deformation of the spine in either direction, but I'm 99% certain it cannot get worse than that.

Yours doesn't sound too bad, but I'd continue doing what the Doctor reccomended. Anything else may be counterproductive.
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