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Hello Everyone,

I have some dumbbells 3,10,20 pounds.I plan on getting more dumbbells. Just what I have. Ive been seeing a change. Im new to all this and what are the best exercises to do. I want to build up and define my shoulders. Thanks Everyone.
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Re: Shoulders

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I like to just stand straight up, and bring the dumbbells up by my side so they are 90 degrees from my body.
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Re: Shoulders

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Front Raises, Side Raises, Shoulder Presses, Arnold Presses, Bent Over Side Raises, Cuban Presses. If you hae a bench then Lying Side Raises will also suffice.

Remember that if you do do Shrugs, never rotate, always straight up or down. Rotating can increase the risk of Rotator Cuff problems.

Some people like to do Side Raises with the dumbbells by the sides, some do them just infront of the groin area. I find either or is fine.

Shrugs can be done with the Dumbbells at the sides, or either just in front, or just behind.

Shoulder Presses would be probably the best one to start off with for you, as Arnolds do incoporate a bit of Chest work too.
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