Balancing Muscles

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Balancing Muscles

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I started working out for weight gain & muscle around 2 months ago and I am beginning to realize that my right and left pecs are looking disproportionate relative to one another. They are both growing in size but I feel my left one is in much better shape than my right one. I think it's probably because I have a burn scar under my right shoulder (that spans a couple of inches below that) from around 10 years ago and it might be preventing my skin from stretching. Would it be a good idea to ever work my right pec individually so it can catch up with my left?

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Re: Balancing Muscles

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Thee are ways to get over inbalanced working of muscles.

1. Use Dumbells not a Bar, on specific exercises, so one side cannot become dependant on the other and get a bit lazy.

2. Use a slightly lower weight on the stronger side whne doing dumbbell stuff. It won't make you top heavy, but if you're working with about 25% less weight on the stronger side, it will slow down it's growth rate, potentially allowing your weaker side to catch up.

3. If you use machines or cables and go for around 3 sets, use around 45-50% of the weight, then go one handed. Start with the weaker side, then go for the stronger one, so you finish on the weaker one.

This means doing 3 sets on the weak side and 2 on the strong one. Enough for the strong side to get little to no added growth and hopefully no losses, however the weak side should be working enough to catch up and if you find yourself struggling a bit on the last rep, use the free hand to help you get back to the starting position.
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Re: Balancing Muscles

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It can also come down to your own personal anatomy. Some people are less symmetrical that others. This is completely normal. A great example of this is Michael Phelps. Look at his abs, they don't line up but I would say he's in pretty good shape.
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