Basic Workout Plan for Boot Camp

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Basic Workout Plan for Boot Camp

Post by Bustah »

My plan is pretty basic right now:

I switch off every other day between cardio and pushups/situps/pull ups.

I'm trying to increase all of those areas because I'll be tested on them in basic and I want to make sure I hit my numbers.

Is there any other exercises I should be adding into the mix? And is that enough for those exercises, or should I be doing them more often for better gains?
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Re: Basic Workout Plan for Boot Camp

Post by zenphitness »

I can tell you about my experience from doing infantry basic in the army that instead of focusing on the pt test numbers you should actually train for basic. If you are in good shape you will have the numbers, and you will be less likely to develop an injury from all of the physically exhausting stuff you will do. I recommend using MRT (metabolic resistance training a.k.a cardio with weights) in addition to running intervals and testing yourself against the pt test every couple of weeks if you have time before boot camp starts." onclick=";return false; tells you how to get started with MRT if you are interested." onclick=";return false;
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