couple workout ?

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couple workout ?

Post by fitgirlnancy »

I want to workout with my boyfriend, we need something we can do together .
is there any workout dvd or plan that been created for couple ?
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Re: couple workout ?

Post by Boss Man »

This is one I usually post for people to get started, so it should work for you as well. It's the kind of thing you might get in a gym of an instructor

Basic total body stuff 3 times a week.

Squats, 2 sets 10 reps.

Lunges, 2 sets 10 reps.

Deadlifts, 2 sets 10 reps.

Dumbell Bench Press, 2 sets 10 reps.

Bent over Dumbell Rows, 2 sets 10 reps.

Dumbell Shrugs, 2 sets 10 reps.

Planks 30 seconds.

You would do this every other day, 3 times a week for around 4-6 weeks, to adjust to the biomechanics of weightlifting.

For you, go for the lightest dumbeels possibles on small muscles, like say the little pinkies or as low as you can go and the next ones up for bigger muscles.

In his case, the ones you'd use for big muscles, he'd use for small ones, and then the next up for big ones.

I.E. you use a 1kg and a 1.5kg, he uses a 1.5kg and a 2kg, but what was use would depend on what was available. If you're not sure 1kg =2.2lbs.

Wih Barbells, for you, you'd use as small as possible, he'd go the next up. If the next one up was too big a jump in weight for him, I.E. 5kg, versus 2.5kg, he could get a couple of very small weight discs and attach them with clips or collars.

This system allows him to start with a little more than you, as he should be more muscular than you, because of natural adolescent development and more ability to produce Testosterone and growth Hormone, but the system will work for both, because none of the exercises would be things that are gender specific, or he might just cope with, but you wouldn't, unless that is you or he had initial issues with a recovering or old injury, or some kind of abnormality in musculoskeletal structures, I.E. he had a slight bit if Kyphosis of the upper spine, or you had a slight cartilage issue as examples, in which cases adaptations could be made to accommodate the problem(s) and find one or more workarounds.

A Gym instructor could advise further on an appropriate beginners methodology once the kind of physiological assessment I can't make, had been completed.
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Re: couple workout ?

Post by Athene »

I don't know about DVDs, but my husband and I started training together by choosing an activity we were both interested in and signing up for it together. It was fun, and there are so many options. My advice is to check out a local recreation guide for a community centre or a gym in your area and try to pick something you both want to try.
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Re: couple workout ?

Post by bennyb84 »

A great couple workout is only needed with a deck of cards where you shuffle the cards and whatever comes up do that many reps...You can do push-ups and squats or whatever you'd like to do. One person can flip a card then the next and so on or you both do the same card whatever works for you...Heres a sample and you can vary the reps however you want.

Face Cards: 10-15 Reps

Aces: 15-20 Reps

Jokers: 25-50 Reps

2 through 9 is as is

A great challenge once you get the hang of it is to either time yourself or double the number of reps. Feel free to use whatever you'd like.
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