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Ms. New Booty

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I am a new beginner in exercising. I would like exercises for a great butt,
i dont want to slim it down I would like the increase personally. I also have large thighs but small calves. I would like some tips on how to increase muscles mass and lengthen my calves for shapely legs.I want them to be proportioned. I can use slimming in the thighs though. I have also heard about "stretching the fascia" to increase calf size. Can anyone give me any tips?
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Best exercises I would say are 1 Leg Squats, Walking Lunges and Various Hip / Thigh Ext movements bi laterally or unilaterally combined with sprints or even better stair or bleacher running.
In the exercise guide here check out:
Lying Butt Bridge - even better doing with 1 leg fully ext off ground and lifting off 1 leg
Walking Lunges
Glute Kickbacks
1 Leg Squats with back foot elevated - search Romanian or Bulgarian Squats I forget which one it is but you'll recognise it from back leg elevated.

As for calved you are born with their shape and can't alter it. By stretching the facia, which a tight sheet the surrounds all muscles thus causing tightness when in active, it gives more potential for muscle growth as there is actaul room for the extra muscle to go. That said, check out the calf exercises here as well and do some of the standing versions making sure to get as high up on your toes as you can and as low at the bottom as you can as well as general stretching everyday.

The Squats above should firm up thighs and any exercise you do should start decreasing bodyfat if nutrition is correct.
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