Cross Trainers for Tall People

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Cross Trainers for Tall People

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Hello all,

I'm looking at getting into shape. I'm 6'2'' and over the last year I've gone from around 230lb to 180lb mainly through diet.

I want to get something like a crosstrainer so I can get rid of my remaining body fat. I also intend to take up weight training again to build some muscle.

My questions are:

1 - Are the home cross trainers a good investment? And are they suited to my goals? I'm looking at these: ... nformation" onclick=";return false; ... 419294.htm" onclick=";return false;

I'll be honest; I have no idea what I'm looking at.

2 - Bearing in mind that I'm 6'2'' and my ceilings are only 7'6'' am I going to be able to use something like this? I didn't have any problems with my (recently deceased) treadmill so it should be ok, right?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Cross Trainers for Tall People

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Nothing wrong with those. You're 6ft 2", the ceilings are 7ft 4", so ther's a discrepancy of 1ft 2", or 14". If you stand on the cross trainer, chances are you'd be 3-4" off the ground, then you have to allow for the maximum elevation of your body, when the cross trainer is at the zenith of a revolution, so to have a problem, you'd need to be able to elevate off the ground, a further 10-11" or more, thereby clunking your head on the ceiling.

The zentih of a revolution would probably be about 3", so it wouldn't happen.

If your ceilings were 6" above your head, I'd heed caution on such a purchase, but based on your hopefully exacting dimensions, from floor to ceiling, I'd say no worries.
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