New here looking for advice

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New here looking for advice

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I just recently subscribed to and after looking through the density of the exercises available I was knocked out.

As of right now I weight about 240 lbs, although my pictures would say otherwise. I happen to be in film making and just recently did a few test shots of myself trying out for a role in my own film, and realized just how much weight I have gained. It's depressing to see this since I had once been in the city finals for cross country, and during my high school years I have constantly placed first in the hundred metre. To see what I had turned into has shocked me, and I intend on pushing myself to the limit so that I again may achieve the fit young man I had once been.

I have started by cutting out all the pop and fast food I would love so dearly, and am now focused on simply eating salad. I am sure that isn't enough for a healthy diet and am unsure of what else I really have to change about this. So basically what I ask is what must I do to lose 60 pounds in 3 months? Can I do it? And how much time a day must I spend to achieve this goal?
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Re: New here looking for advice

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Don't aim for 60 in 3, aim for 60 in 4, as you'll be doing it a bit too quickly the way you are I feel.

Also, what foods do you eat and what times do you eat?

I'm sure you can do this, so good luck.
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