Cardio Exercises Do-able for Hip Injury

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Cardio Exercises Do-able for Hip Injury

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So, I used to be an distance runner in high school until I was in a car accident and dislocated my hip. I was very stubborn and did not use my crutches very much while the injury was healing so of course it never really healed right and I have always had pain in my hip ever since. Of course running was out of the question so I tried the elliptical machine, the stationary bike and even just walking at a slow pace on an incline on the treadmill. I can do all of these things just fine at the time, it is after the workout later on that night that the pain in my hip kicks in and makes it difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions of work-outs I can do that include cardio that would not irritate my hip?
Any suggestions are appreciated, Thanks!
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Re: Cardio Exercises Do-able for Hip Injury

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Have you tried recumbent exercise bike, as opposed to a saddle based one?

Maybe that might be an option to explore, to alieviate the purported difficulties you described.
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