Deadlifting Dummy?

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Deadlifting Dummy?

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Well I did 100 stiff-legged deadlifts on Friday. I knew I was gonna hurt, but I hurt worse than I thought. I'm afraid maybe I didn't do my form correctly since the reps were so high. Usually I only do about 20 deadlifts. The way I was taught to do them emphasizes the glutes and hamstrings. However, the mag I got this workout from showed them being done more like a bent over flye or row, minus the rowing part--you just stand back up. I tried to do some of my 100 lifts this way. I could immediately feel it emphasizing my back, as I had to hold the weights out further from my body and bend my knees throughout the entire move. Did I just do it wrong or are there different types of deadlifts?
I usually keep my legs stiff on the way down, then slightly bend to engage my rear and bring the weight up close to my knees and mid-thigh. Sometimes I even have to stand on a step because I lower the weight further than my feet. The mag I looked at Friday didn't say anything about that and was very confusing. I don't think I pulled a muscle; I'm just not used to working my back muscles like that. Ouch! Am I a dummy or what...
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Re: Deadlifting Dummy?

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Magazine workouts should often be taken with a pinch of salt. The slew of supplement ads are there for a reason, not just because it's revenue for the publishers, but because mags have had a habit in the past, of publishing inadequate workouts, so when people struggle to get results, they may want to revive their flagging progress with supplements.

You're then being bombarded with stuff, some rubbish, some too expensive, some promoted by juicers, claiming results the regular joe wouldn't get and endorsements by sportspeople you can't prove are legit, along with sometimes credible supplements.

Deadlifts as I do them involve head up, straight back, then stick the bum out and bend the knees on the way down, then on the way up straighten up again.

Avoid touching the bar on the floor or resting it for any length of time, as that relieves the muscle tension, partially defeating the purpose of deadlifting. Go down and make sure the bar is 1-3 inches off the floor every time, bar the final rep of course.

The straight legged version should involve anterior tilt from the hips. If you're utilising too much of the glute and hip flexor area in the movement, that might cause a problem. I'd reccomend going on youtube and checking for videos on stiffed legged and bent legged deadlifts, to see how the form is shown, as I can describe the form, but it's up to your own mind to interpret the words as a visual representation, that other people couldn't assess, unless you videoed your own attempts to show other people.

Youtube, exrx or maybe netfit, should help you see how both versions of deadlifting should be performed :).
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