Split Squat vs. Lunge?

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Split Squat vs. Lunge?

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What is the difference between a split squat and your basic straightforward lunge? They look the same to me! I mean, obviously a walking lunge or reverse lunge is a little different, but seriously, what's the dif? I know depending on how big of a step you take, you emphasize either your quads or glutes. I usually use lunges to target my glutes/hamstring sort of area, but I found split squats in a quad routine I was looking at! It didn't say anything about step length; looked like a regular forward lunge to me. WTH?
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Re: Split Squat vs. Lunge?

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Bulgarian split squats are done using a bench or step, basic lunges require the floor only.

The split squat uses the leg placed behind you and an up and down motion. repeated for reps oin the same leg, os you end up with the static leg bent 90 degrees, before up rise up again..

Normal lunges require planting of the leg behind you, then after the down and up motion, you bring the leg back to the start position and repeat on the other leg.

This differs also as you alternate legs after each rep. On split squats you alternate legs after a fixed number of reps.

You can use the split squat method on lunges by working the same leg for reps, then switching to the other leg, but I don't think it is necessarily as stable for the user, but you'd have to try that and see. It would be a bit quicker though, because each leg stays where it is until you're done, not going back to standing and then backstepping that leg again, after the other leg has been worked again for another rep.

However as I say, it's whether lunging for repetitive reps in the same position, before swapping legs, retains enough stability versus the traditional method.
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