Help me!! how to fix this CHEST imbalance

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Help me!! how to fix this CHEST imbalance

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first, when i getting start bodybuilding, i use barbell bench press (free weight) to improve my chest but i think i have a weak basic.
(i'm right handded)

my left pec is huge than right, when i'm on working set of bench press , my right Bicep and tricep become involved and when my chest day was finish, my right hand (bicep and tricep was very loaded but right pec wasn't work enough. on the other side, my left pec almost explode and left hand doesn't feel something wrong.

how can i found out this problem.... please help me
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Re: Help me!! how to fix this CHEST imbalance

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Switch to the dumbell variation. You could have been getting a problem where one side of the body works harder, because one side develops a depndancy on the other side and gets lazy.

This means one side underdevelops.

Using a dumbell bench variant stops this happening, by forcing the weaker side to work harder, because it can rely on the other side like before.

However when you use the dumbell version, firstly, don't forget that a barbell tolerates some of the weight used in the middle, so you can't just use exactly half the weight with each arm when using dumbells, or you could find you struggle.

You will need to firstly use a dumbell on the weak side that is about 40% as heavy as the barbell you used, but if it's a bit light the weight can be increased on the next set or two, until you find what you should be using.

Secondly, you should not use the same amount of weight on the stronger side, as you might create an equal growth ratio on both side, but you won't correct the problem you have if you allow both pecs to grow at the same rate, so you should use a dumbell that is around 30% of what the barbell weighed, when working the stronger side.

You should be able to keep the growth on the stronger side to little or no growth, so you're then allowing the weaker side to catch up by using more weight to work it.

For example If someone in your situation benches with a 40kg barbell, they could use a 16kg dumbell on the weaker side and a 12kg dumbell on the stronger side. The difference of 4kg betyween the two wouldn't cause a massive issue regarding stability, if good technique was still observed.

Remember if you carry something like a couple of bags of shopping for example, you don't suddenly start staggering about or falling over, if one weighs more than the other so using a bit less weight on one side of the body, wouldn't be an issue with good technique, as explained before.

When both pecs start to look normal, thne you could start using the same level of dumbell weight on both of them.

Hopefully all this makes sense :).
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