excercising getting harder?

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excercising getting harder?

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Can someone tell me why the more I am excercising the harder it is getting with less reps? I started this workout for abs, and each day I add 5 more exercises of each type (4 types), but am now on the 12th day (55 sit ups, 65 cruches, 40 leg raises and 1 min plank) but the workout seems to be getting harder. I have been doing this set for 3 days now, and each day I am doing less comfortably. Shouldnt it be getting easier? am I doing something wrong?
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Re: excercising getting harder?

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You seem to me like you are probably overworking the abs and not giving them adequate rest.

Abs don't need a lot of work. Some people blitz them hard once a week and many do every other day, 3 days a week.

There is residual work you get with them as well like deadlifts, cleans, squats, pushups etc.

Take about 3-4 days off, then just do the planks and leg raises every other day and you might find you get progress with more ease.

However it is important to note, the developing the front of the core without developing the lower back could cause back issues, so don't just train the abs, but rather utilise a system of working the whole body weekly, either via a total body system, or some kind of 4 or 5 day split system.
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