exercises for knee and ankle

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exercises for knee and ankle

Post by mayra »

Hi I´ve had problems with my knee and ankle sprain and stopped doing leg exercises because of the pains, now am somewhat recovered, can you advise me of some exercises to start toning my legs and tighten muscles and specially for knee and ankle?
Thanks in advance :)
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Post by swanso5 »

i'm no therapist but u will need to get back the ankle back to full mobility and stability before toneing work...balance on 1 lef for time working up to 2 - 3 mins...then move to an uneven surface like a mattress or something...then move to easy bodyweight exercises such as 1 leg squats, calf raises etc...then try dynamic moved such **** jumping, landing and sprinting i.e jump up on the spot land and then sprint off in various directions...work through them and stop at anytime if any pain and only go as hard as it lets u...there's no quick fix for this
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Post by In2work »

A couple of months ago I made the mistake of running the dog along the beach in the middle of the night. Now, I wasn't actually in the sand, there is a park like area of grass and tress planted above the high tide line and it was here that I was running. Unfortunately, as I was going along at full pelt I didn't see the hole in the ground I stepped in. It was only just enough for my fully extended (and unaware) leg to come up short of the mark I was expecting and when I landed I was very off balance from it. I tried to keep running, but the impact made my knee bend all the way down so I was practically sitting on that one leg with my other leg in front of me still going for the next step. So I tried to keep running from there and I didn't even fall, but infact managed to keep on going. Which was all well and good, but the knee was sore. So I kept it warm and tried kicking it out and flexing the joint to keep it mobile. Which seems to have worked.However, there is still a nigling problem. I cannot take the full amount of my weight on my left leg when I'm bent right down at the knee. Which is a problem for me as I enjoy dancing and martial arts.

So I'm going to try glucosamine and talk to my MArts and dance instructors to see what they think. Glucosamine is supposed to help with the growth of cartlidge in joints or something like that (it's too late for me to be technically specific - sorry, no offence) and I'm hoping this will assist its recovery. I mentioned it to my GP and he waved it off with a "it'll heal itself"

So, I don't know if that is any help mayra, but perhaps you should read up about glucousamine and shark cartlidge tablets. Could be worth a look.
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Post by Boss Man »

Be aware with Glucosamine that it contains Chitin. If you have a Shellfish allergy, don't use it, or you experience anything that feels negative suring use, discontinue use, and consult a doctor.

I think Shark Cartilage has Chitin too, but I'm not certain on that.
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