Need help figuring out an exercise plan!

Questions or concerns about specific exercises? Post them here!

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Need help figuring out an exercise plan!

Postby xcherrypoopx » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:33 am

Hello, new here. I want to get into shape but I have a few issues.. First, I have painful joints. My elbows get locked up when I lift heavy-ish things (like grocery bags) and is very painful. I have to pop them to get them unstuck and not hurt. My left shoulder was damaged at work and now if I put pressure on it, feels like it's on fire. I have, what seems like, no padding whatsoever on my back and bum. I bought a memory foam yoga mat but it didn't help. My spine and tail bone still hurt very much while trying to do Pilates and any type of sit up exercise. I also have tachycardia which is easily triggered. I get attacks by just going for a walk sometimes. I also get bad left side chest pains with/without the attacks. I tries the treadmill and literally felt like I was going to fall asleep while on it! It makes me so tired :-\ I'm only 28 and about 120lbs at 5'9". I eat fairly well, have to or I get frequent tachycardia attacks and chest pains which also cause severe anxiety attacks... I want so badly to tone the back of my thighs and tighten up my bum and just be overall healthy :-( Any advice/exercise tips for someone with my issues?? Doctors are no help and with only Blue Anthem as my "insurance", there's not much help for me.. Thank you so much!

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Re: Need help figuring out an exercise plan!

Postby Boss Man » Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:02 pm

Hello Cherrypoop it's good to talk to you.

Firstly I want to tell you I'm so proud of you for talking about your difficulties in life right now, as I appreciate that it may have been a bit difficult to write all that down.

May I ask what sort of exercises have you been told to avoid?

What have any doctors said to you, in relation to the physiological problems and tachycardia? If you don't feel comfortable disclosing this that's completely fine :).

What sort of treatment or assessments off people like kinesiologists, physiotherapists etc, have you undertaken?

I merely ask such things to establish if there are any contraindicated exercises / movements, or types of exercise, in relation to your physical state and whether you are undergoing any kind of physical protocol at the moment :).

Whatever we can do to help though we will try what we think is best, so keep believing in yourself, try to stay positive if you can and GOOD LUCK okay.

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Re: Need help figuring out an exercise plan!

Postby Roby2015 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:48 pm

hello xcherrypoopx
I've dealt with a fair share of injuries (mostly back and shoulders) and what keeps me going most mornings is continuing the physical therapy exercises that I've been given-and I have some exercises going back 20 years! I usually go from the small moves to the big moves and it really helps to get me warmed up for whatever is next, which at this point can be walking on the treadmill or outside, a short yoga or QiGong routine, or exercises using the body as my weights (lunges, squats, etc.)...once I get comfortable with working this body weight circuit I will add wts in small increments (I have some wrap around weights with 1/2 lb bars that can be added (up to 5 lbs) and then I can jump up to actual weights (and still use the wrap around weights to move slowly/incrementally to the next).

I've also found swimming to be very relaxing - and usually pain free - even if I am only in the pool 15 minutes and I spend most of the time slowly walking around the shallow end.

If you are seeing a physical therapist (or any specialist) bring in examples of exercises you've done and whether they have/haven't caused pain - if there was pain s/he might be able to help you adapt the exercise-minor adjustment to your form can do wonders. You might also try running some exercise options by her/him and see what their opinion is

In general - I try to take it easy and work slowly into a routine- and be very aware of my posture and how I reach for things - straining the back pulling a heavy pot off the bottom shelf in the kitchen dumb when it could have been avoided if I just knelt down rather than bend over with no support - live and learn
Hang in there

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Re: Need help figuring out an exercise plan!

Postby toddhicks209 » Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:20 am

Surely you work out your entire body without pain. Besides using weights that are within your capability range, visit your local physician. He/she might be able to provide you with the equipment or advice that will benefit you long term.

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