7 weeks to make butt more round??

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7 weeks to make butt more round??

Postby Fbd2015 » Wed May 13, 2015 10:43 pm

Hello everyone

In 7 weeks I am going on a beach holiday and want my butt to be a bit **rounder**. A little background on myself. I'm 5'6 130 measurements 36, 29, 36.

My main issue:
[b]Right now with my workout I've been doing the last month I've seen lift, but my butt is very square. Like it's all the middle with nothing out on the sides. Like imagine and upside down heart. My butt is only filling out the middle of that upside down heart, but there is room to grow outwards on the sides. Like there is ZERO roundness on the sides. My butt, profile-wise, sticks out a bit naturally as I have a kind of back that sways it out. So genes are on my side that way at least

And I only have 7 weeks to get whatever maximum results I can! But I want to know what the max is I can get! Now I'm not expecting to go from my butt to like a sexy round bubble butt in 7 weeks, but I'd like to un-square it a bit and make it more proportioned and rounder. The goal is rounder, even if I don't build size as I understand building size takes months. So what is the best way to hit this butt with a lot of intensity to that gluteus medius and round it out?? I will say I have a bad-ish knee so any kind of jumping may not be good for me.

I started this butt workout a month ago. All are un-weighted. I do the whole thing twice a week
20 glute bridge x 3 sets
3 sets of squats
three sets of kick backs,
three sets of side leg raises
three sets of front leg raises
that exercise where your on all fours and raise opposite arm and leg x 3 sets
step ups onto a chair going forward 10 reps x 3

I saw 'some' results but not enough so the last two weeks I added:

glute bridges daily about 30-50 reps
20-30 squats a day

I have actually seen some improvement from these daily squats and bridges- we have some butt lift off!

I am thinking about adding:
-side lunges (eventually with 15 lb kettle ball)
-squats + 15 lb ball
-glute bridge + 15 lb ball

Thank you so much for reading!! :D

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Re: 7 weeks to make butt more round??

Postby Boss Man » Thu May 14, 2015 7:49 pm

Most of what has been required to help you progress was discussed on the other topic you posted :).

However I will comment on this, but please be aware I comment to help you, not to criticise you okay and please excuse the length of this, as I want to do my response to you justice:).

What you actually need is a longer time frame for progress. Short-term goals are fine along side long-term goals, but it is not going to be the end of the world if you don't achieve, or get close to, what you want, within a short time frame and you have been intelligent enough to recognise you are not chasing an exacting goal, or expecting miracles which is a credible way to look at it :).

You don't need to be focusing on one aspect of your physiology however, as you seem to be, as you should be concentrating on your whole body in a way that is beneficial.

You should also be remembering that your body should be altered to provide better functionality. I completely understand that many females are under pressure to conform to ideals put on them ,by some men and also by the media, who show you supposed attainable bodies, but share little to no information about how to get them, causing some people to go to extremes to get them, or to feel emotionally damaged when they desperately want them and it isn't happening like they hoped for.

If you do what is required to make your whole body work better, then positive physical change should occur as a byproduct, but remember it is a byproduct and you won't be doing yourself enough justice, to focus on one or more aspects of how you body looks, as a primary motivation for change, because your outlook deserves to be more all encompassing than that and because you ARE worth more consideration than merely how you want to appear in the future, because being able to have a good old age and to have reduced risk of things like terminal illnesses and organ disease, are what you're worth if you are willing to put in the effort for those benefits :).

Your current workout does not allow for any reshaping or improvement of the upper body, as it is all based on lower body work, therefore your efforts are not doing you enough justice and are not in line with the type of improvements and progress you could get, by expanding your outlook in the kind of ways I referred to earlier in this post.

The diet advice given to you in another post should also be viewed in the long-term obviously, because your body deserves to be improved in some way for your whole life, not up to and including your upcoming holiday and you have proven by wanting to make positive changes to your life, you have something to be proud of, but don't exclude or neglect the broader minded way of looking at your well being.

You seem like a smart young lady and I'd prefer to call you that, rather than calling you a girl, because of what I perceive to be your levels of intelligence and I recognise your efforts to change are also not based on some silly cobbled together set of exercises and I think you've tried to think about it in an intelligent way, but I do think you may also have been swayed to some degree in your outlook on this, by magazine images and / or programs featuring beach body type females and you'll do yourself more good in the long-term, to forget how such people look and forge a more individual path to a new you, because you could be striving for the best you possible, not the best replica of someone else possible, or the best interpretation of someone else's butt or chest or arms etc :).

hopefully I have not made you feel negative, because I genuinely think you're great and I want to help you, but I want to also help you see more of what you're worth and more of what you could deserve to be as a person, if you detach your mind from short-term aesthetic goal your after and focus on the long-term goal of being fitter, stronger and having a body that will still be good to go in another 50+ years.

I'd like to be someone who can help you find more of the person you want to be, because I'm proud of you for genuinely trying to take care of yourself, as many people at your kind of age range, start to go down bad paths and I want you to be proud of caring about yourself like this and I want you to remember your whole life could be about the whole of you and the best of it, not how great one ore more parts of your body could look when a holiday, or a wedding, or a social gathering happens, because you are worth more than that and more than any TV program or magazine might make you think about yourself :).

As I said, I would like to be someone who can help you become a more stronger, fitter and healthier person for the rest of your life if you let me and others do so, and if you are willing to commit to a long-term healthier relationship with your body and our genuine care and consideration for your future, we will let you have as much support, care and attention as we realistically can to help you be so much more of a person, because it's what we do here, we try to help people become more of the people we think they can be.

Hopefully you're still awake by now :funny: :funny:

I normally would suggest going a more total body route with the training, which will include some lower body stuff, but as you've not done a lot of upper body work it would seem, I would say you need to start out conservatively on that.

Firstly the notion of training every days is out, as all muscles need rest and caning your glutes, quads, sartorius, gracilis and hamstrings daily, isn't good for recovery and you might cause over training.

I'd suggest a system of working out 4 times a week, as opposed to 3 times a week as I often do, this is simply because you could benefit from working out in a way where you have an upper and a lower body workout, doing both workouts 2x a week, this way you're able to begin at the same kind of level with the lower body workouts as you already are at, but work the upper body from a more base level and progress from there.

So this is how the system will look.

Upper body workout.

Assuming you have access to weights, but this can be adjusted if not.

3 sets dumbbell bench press, 8 reps

3 sets deadlifts 8 reps

3 sets cable rows, 8 reps

3 sets dumbbell shrugs, 8 reps

Planks, 30-45 seconds

You would start off using the smallest barbell on deadlifts, 2 plates on the cable rows, the smallest dumbbells on shrugs and the second smallest on bench presses

You increase the planks by 5 seconds a week until you're getting 90 seconds and the weight on other things goes up a little bit every 2 weeks.

As for the lower body it would look a bit like this.

3 sets squats, 8 reps

3 sets lunges, 8 reps

3 sets glute bridges, 8 reps

You use the second smallest dumbbells on squats and lunges and the glute bridges a 2.5kg, (5.5lb) plate

Again, you would increase the weight a little bit every 2 weeks.

Eventually both workouts would involve increase the sets to 4 per exercise, but for now you would be advised not to go higher.

This is how the system would look on a weekly basis.

Day 1. Upper body

Day 2. Lower body + 20 minutes exercise bike, low level interval setting

Day 3. Day off

Day 4. Upper body + 20 minutes exercise bike, low level interval setting

Day 5. Lower body

Day 6. 30 minutes exercise bike, low level interval setting.

Day 7. Day off

Eventually you would increase the interval setting on the cardio, but I'd say start on level one and go up a level every month, until you're at least on level 4-5, then go higher if you wish.

Hopefully all this makes sense. Any adjustments you need or you're having any issues with it then let us know and we'll try to work out some sort of compromise for you :).

GOOD LUCK and do keep us posted. We are here for you and we want to help you make more of yourself, because you matter and I want you to remember.

1. Your body is something to look after for always and you should primarily focus on how it works, as opposed to how it looks.

2. Short-term goals are great but never forget the long-term goal(s).

3. You ARE worth it, so never ever stop believing in yourself and remember that you have the power to be beautiful on the inside where it really counts and that will always mean more than whatever levels of external beauty you possess, your inner self could be the best friend you ever have.

:thumb: :thumb:

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