Jump rope for slim calves

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Jump rope for slim calves

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I'm a woman who plans to lose some weight. I started doing jump rope as cardio workout. I do it everyday, 50x20 reps with plank and arm/leg extensions (1 minute each) in between. But i notice that calves are getting thicker. Is there any way to do jump rope without getting bigger calves? I really love this workout but i want slim calves. Thank you :D
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Re: Jump rope for slim calves

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Hi Peachy good to talk to you.

To be honest I wouldn't worry about the calves as stronger calves is always a bonus.

Also are you sure it is from the skipping, as you may be doing something with your legs to affect them. Not the extensions, but if you're doing lying leg curls where you flex the feet whilst doing them, or some kind of calf raise exercise then that would have an effect.
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