Newbie.. Need help and tips. Please just starting out

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Re: Newbie.. Need help and tips. Please just starting out

Postby Boss Man » Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:41 pm

No, just avoid it. It's been proven to cause dizzy spells in people with no prior ailments or conditions and also it can affect peoples workouts to the point where they struggle to finish one.

The thing is, when you're bloodsugar is low first thing and you're doing stuff that can lower bloodsugar it's not rational and it could also burn muscle as well, which can then be counterproductive to fat loss.

It's not as if doing it would double fat loss potential as it probably wouldn't. I've seen no actual peer-reviewed clinical studies into this, assuming some do exist, but I'd say at a best guess it would aid fat loss by making it about 10% quicker, maybe 20%, but I'd be loathed to say it would improve it by even a 1/3.

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