Just A Reminder To People

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Re: Just A Reminder To People

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Boss Man wrote:Whilst you may be aware we sometimes get spam messages about ****, software, insurance etc etc, every effort is taken to block and control as many of these scummy individuals as possible.

It is however hard when some companies change corporate operations, and possibly network I.P. lists, and the fact most governments, Police authorities and YES, the network providers do little to tackle, or even recognise the global problem.

I used to use a site, where the Admin didn't care, spam began to happen, good people left more and more, and that allowed spammers to take more control, and now it's a dead board.

Some sections used to acheve 6-8 new messages / updates a day, by the end it was like 2-3 a week, because lack of action, allows the disease to spread, and cripple good sites.

At Shapefit we do care, and we ARE proactive for you, and future members like you. We care about you, and together myself and Admin do what we can, to fight a very difficult global pandemic, with virtually no external assistance of any kind, except tracing websites / software, to trace the users network details etc etc.

That doesn't stop them, but does give us the information we need, to take proper action, and ban "misusers".

Again this message is here to reassure members, and to let you know, we do what we can when we can, given our limitations, and spare time available.

So I ask anyone who is a member, ignore any spam messages you see, don't use any links, as the spammers could copy computer information of yours, and use it for their own ends, and remain vigilant.

They like nothing better than people to leave, and then they can post more spam, and disease boards, until you get 90%+ messages that are spam.

Admin and I do what we can when we can, so you get minimised problems on this front, and if you knew how bad they could get, you'd be shocked.

The more this board gets used, the more content gets indexed in search engines, so more members can signup, but spammers find us too, but with your help to keep board usage good, and the strength to ignore bits of spam, and keep enjoying this resource, the more you help keep these people's activities minimised until they can be banned, and the chance of spamming is reduced a bit more each time.

We thank you for your understanding, as we understand too, but we are working for you to keep this resource minimised of problems, enjoyable and educational.
thank you . it is will be helpful...
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Re: Just A Reminder To People

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Good information very informative, thanks
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Re: Just A Reminder To People

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Thanks, this is much appreciated content..
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