Benefits of the Coffee Bean

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Benefits of the Coffee Bean

Postby lacespace » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:45 pm

There are many different opinions about the benefits of the coffee bean. I love my coffee and wanted to make sure it was giving me positive health benefits along the way. After doing some research I posted a blog about it at ... p-of-java/ and was impressed with the information I found. I am curious as to what you think about this subject?

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Re: Benefits of the Coffee Bean

Postby Boss Man » Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:05 pm

Here's my honest take.

Coffee is full of Polyphenols yes, however it's full of Caffeine too.

Caffeine can do the following things.

1. Cause Stomach Ulcers

2. Cause Heartburn

3. Block Iron absorption and Iron is used to make Erythrocytes, the Oxygen carrying red blood cells and also Myoglobin, an Oxygen storage compartment in muscles.

4. Constrict bloodvessels potentially slowing down bloodflow.

5. Cause Caffeine poisoning in high amounts, or heart related issues to people with a heart fault of some kind, even from sensible use, as it is a heart stimulant.

6. Be converted to Uric Acid just like Nitrogen in Proteins is. The Xanthines convert and the Uric Acid crystals could collect around the joints and in high enough quantities could cause Gout.

7. Inflame the condition Xanthinuria. A condition where the person cannot produce Xanthine converting enzyme and the Xanthines could accumulate in the muscles, causing problems. They could also cause Kidney stones and also things called Xanthine stones, which block the urinary tract. All potential side effects of Xanthinuria.

8. Cause the potential for jitters and possibly increased sweating and it also acts as a diuretic I believe, which might possibly increase dehydration risk and dry skin.

Care must also be taken with decaff. There are about 3-4 ways to make decaff.

1. Soaking the beans until the outer layer strips off.

2. Jet washing in water.

3. Jet wshing with a Chemical

I think there is also a 4th method, but memory of it eludes me.

The chemical used, (I admit to not knowing its name), is Carcinogenic, making any decaff made this way, a beverage with the ability to increase cancer risk.

Asking any coffee manufacturers consumer helpline for clarification, would be a waste of time, because assuming the person on the end actually knew the decaffeination method the company used, (that might not necessarily be the case) and could assure you it was not via the use of a carcinogen, logically no manufacturer would admit to using such a method, as it's bad for business, so you'd still be taking pot luck, trusting the indivudual and using their brand, if you indeed assumed their admissions were truthful and not subversive.

There are 3 ways I can see however, to overcome this issue though.

1. Use a lower Coffee to water ratio, weakening the Coffee somewhat.

2. Drink half or two thirds of a cup at a time.

3. Use little cups, like the ones Turkish Coffee is served in, thereby not permitting normal sized servings.

All 3 methods would ensure less Caffeine consumption, without the potential risk of carcinogenic chemical ingestion, because you would be using normal full strength Coffee in all 3 occasions.

Considering all the antioxidents present in grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, legumes and sealife, in the form of fat soluable vitamins A, (Retinol-A) and E, (Tocopeherols) and other ingestible antioxident sources like Pycnogenol, (Pine bark), would I consume Coffee or Tea? No thanks.

Admittedly though I dislike the look and smell of them. so that was always the overriding reason for not drinking them, long before I knew of the dark side of Caffeine :wink:

Tannic Acid in tea can also block Iron if you're interested and Theophyline in Tea can contribute to Gout, because like Caffeine and Theobromine in Chocolate, it is a Methylxanthine and therefore contains Xanthines that can convert to Uric Acid.

Apologies for not having time to read your blog, so if I replicated anything you already knew or wrote, apologies again :).

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Re: Benefits of the Coffee Bean

Postby lalandica » Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:40 pm

In all honesty, I love my caffeine, I could even go as far as to say that I am relatively non-functional without it often. However, looking at the risks versus the benefits objectively I am legitimately considering cutting out caffeine entirely. Sure, it may keep me awake but I can also get the same burst of energy without the jittery feeling by jogging or boxing for 20 minutes. It's all about convenience, I suppose :P

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