Proven Diet Plan to Meet Your Fitness Goals!

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Proven Diet Plan to Meet Your Fitness Goals!

Postby calebmann » Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:56 pm

Hey guys! My name is Caleb Mann I am new on this forum..

I have studied a lot of diet/nutrition guides, and have met and worked with a lot of fitness models such as Gregg Plitt.

Basically my Diet is a proven system used by athletes, models, bodybuilders etc.

About 60% Carbs, 30% Protien, 10% Fats.

I use high carbs to sustain energy through my workout so I actually get my muscles to the point where they can use the protien that i intake. I feel having more protien than carbs in your diet is a myth. If you do not have the stored glycogen to even power through your workout than what use is the protien? I try to, however, eat little fat. Though fat can be used for long runs, triathlons as a source of energy because you can consume 4000 carbs at once through fats. This energy source will last you much longer than the usual 2200 carbs you can store through whole wheats etc.

What are your fitness goals?

1. To lose weight
2. To build muscle
3. To sculpt your muscle
4. Maintain your phisique

Ectomorph? Endomorph or Mesomorph?

There are things you must know about your body before you can really build your custom diet plan..

Find more detail about it here. http://****.com/calebmann/send-you-my-fitness-diet-plan

Foods I like are..

Wheat Bread
Egg whites
Noodles and Rice
Oats Cereal

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Re: Proven Diet Plan to Meet Your Fitness Goals!

Postby Boss Man » Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:58 pm

About 40% of your protein intake is converted and stored as Glycogen anyway, but Carbs will help with this, as Carbs will stimulate the insulin response.

So you could have the added protein as well, but as Fats are very beneficial, having 10% may work for some, but the high Carbs you consume may be adverse for others, as too much Carb could convert to fat and if the person removed some of the Carbs from their diet, and replaced them with the equvalent amount of Fat calories, from mostly healthy fats, the body could then use the fat as a way of replacing Carb energy, required but not provided, helping the person to potentially lean out a bit, whilst sustaining a maintenance caloric intake and therefore preserving muscle hopefully :).

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Re: Proven Diet Plan to Meet Your Fitness Goals!

Postby Marklorie » Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:35 am

A agree with Boss man. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are rather beneficial in a diet, and for the sake of me, I would consume more than 10% fat, and probably decrease the carbs a little bit to compensate for the added fat and a bit more protein. Of course, it all depends on body type, and each individual person may need to fine tune their diet to meet their needs. The ratio that you use for caloric intake is a common one, so it probably does moderately well for most people.

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