Meal prep?

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Meal prep?

Postby jgerard » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:54 pm

Any of you do it?

I don't have a lot of healthy options near my job for lunch so that was my original motivation, but now I'm doing it for dinner a few nights a week too. I've been using these recipes I found on the Beachbody Blog: and, but I'd love to hear about some more healthy options like them.

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Re: Meal prep?

Postby Fitafter50 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:15 pm

Check out Mel Joulwan's Well-Fed; it's basically brilliant. :) She preps proteins and veggies on Sunday and then throws them together with different sauces during the week.

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Re: Meal prep?

Postby Ashy123 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:18 pm

My meal prep advice is to just pick a few sources of protein, carbs and veggies each week. I bake a bunch of chicken breast in the oven and pan fry some salmon fillets every week. For carbs, I bake a few sweet potatoes and boil brown rice. I portion my carbs and protein up into containers and top with steamed veggies and/or salad. EASY!
You may find this helpful too

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Re: Meal prep?

Postby XxJassyxX » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:16 am

Thanks for these links here - helped me a lot to meal prep for this week!

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Re: Meal prep?

Postby raygentry » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:07 am

These are really helpful. I am glad you shared. You shared something for healthy diet like sea vegetables too?

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