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Diet and exercise advice

Postby Jenny1522 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:04 pm

Hi just after some advice please
I started the gym over a year ago and lost 50lbs
The weight gain was due to pregnancy and being greedy But my weight loss has come to a stop I have added in 2 extra work outs a week
Now I work out 7 days a week and stick to 1200 calories tracked on my fitness pal
Here is my fitness plan and diet hoping some one could point out we're am going wrong, I am limited to the time I can spend at gym as I have 2 babies so fitting in as much as I can at the min but thinking maby it's the type of excersise
Gym classes
Monday circuit and spin class in hot gym 45 min (30%heat)
Tuesday - circuit training class 60 min
Wednesday hitt and spin class 60 min in total
Thursday metafit 30 min
Friday - bootcamp class 45min
Sat -hitt training
Sunday -spinning class

Fuel protein porridge pot, or phd diet whey protein shake with Avacardo
Or Greek yogurt fat free with almonds and honey
Chicken or turkey salad with beetroot or fat free cottage cheese
Or scrambled egg with spinach and tomatoes
Chicken mixed veg, with sweet potatoes or brown pasta or brown rice

Snacks (2 a day )
Protein shake or Greek yogurt black grapes or almonds or rice cakes with cottage cheese or fruit


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Re: Diet and exercise advice

Postby Boss Man » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:37 pm

Hi Jenny, good to talk to you.

Two things that can be linked to your issues.

1. Over-exertion

2. Under-eating.

You are not giving the body adequate time to recover, so I suggest removing Wednesdays and Saturdays workouts.

As for the diet, you're not eating enough so you risk something called a starvation mode where your body clings onto fat because it thinks it is being starved.

Therefore you would be wise ot increase your calories to around 1,800 on rest days and around 2,000-2,100 on workout days.

Here are some additional foods you can use to increase snack portions and tag onto main meals.

Not bad but you could incorporate some snack options in the mid morning, mid afternoon and mid evening like microwave soups, baked beans and rice dishes, oat granola's, ham, turkey, beef, pork and chicken from a packet, low fat cheese, low sugar yoghurt, flax seeds, nuts, peanuts, fruits including tomatoes and cucumber, vegetables including pineapple, raw carrot and celery sticks, pre-boiled eggs, pre-cooked chicken breast and low fat yoghurt, nuts and peanuts, bread, sandwiches.

I would suggest having a third 100 calorie added evening snack and increasing all other meals by around 100 calories.

As for the caloric increase I'd go roughly 10g protein, 5g carbs, 5g fats added to existing meals on non-workout days.

It doesn't need to be exact, as that those are just ballpark figures.

On workout days, add another 100 calories to main meals using the rough macros stated above.

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