I have a new set of weights

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I have a new set of weights

Postby oscarmadison » Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:36 pm

"Your muscles don't care what your weights look like"

I forget who says this, but I have a new/used set of Olympic styled weights and can lift heavier and a tad safer than before.

A long assed losing streak visa/vi work had my fookun dauber way down, but I continued to lift...eat?! not so good.

I'm not at my best right now which was about 212ish from a 285 start in April '09. I really need to get my goals back on track and get down to 200 before end of year. that's more 25#.

there is a rippled chiseled mofo up in here its just covered in a blob of extra fookun carbs and ass sitting.

good luck and good day my friends!

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